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Yıldız Entegre, 1890 yılında Trabzon’da kereste ticareti ile başlayan iş hayatında kazandığı deneyimleri, 1982 yılında kurumsallaşma hamlesiyle ileriye taşıyarak orman ürünleri sektöründe global bir oyuncu olmayı başardı. 

Şirketimizin amiral gemisi Kartepe Tesisi, dünyanın tek çatı altında kurulmuş en büyük entegre MDF üretim tesisi olma özelliğini bugün hâlâ gururla taşımaktadır.

Yıldız Entegre, farklı ihtiyaçlara yanıt veren geniş ürün yelpazesiyle doğanın estetiğini, yaşadığımız tüm alanlara taşıyarak. "Bugün ürettiklerimiz, yarınlarımızı tüketmesin” anlayışıyla hem günümüz hem de gelecek kuşaklar için sorumluluk bilinciyle çalışıp, Kendi kaynaklarıyla gerçekleştirdiği binlerce ağaç dikiminin yanı sıra sivil toplum kuruluşlarıyla birlikte birçok çevreci, toplumsal ve kültürel etkinliğe de imza atmaktadır.

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Kastamonu Entegre Ağaç San.Tic.A.Ş
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Kökleri 1937’ye uzanan Hayat Holding, dünyada 17.000’e yakın çalışanı ile ağaç bazlı panel sektöründe Kastamonu Entegre, hızlı tüketim sektöründe Hayat Kimya, liman işletmeciliği sektöründe Limaş başta olmak üzere inşaat ve ambalaj gibi farklı sektörlerde 41 şirketiyle global faaliyetlerine devam ediyor. Hayat Holding çatısı altında 13 ülkede 36 üretim tesisinde ileri teknolojilerle üretilen 46 Türk markası dünya çapında milyonlarca tüketiciyle buluşuyor.
Hayat Holding’in iki lokomotif şirketinden biri olan Kastamonu Entegre Ağaç Sanayi, ağaç bazlı panel endüstrisinde üretim yapmak üzere 1969 yılında kurulmuş olup şu an sektöründe Türkiye’de 1’inci, Avrupa’da 4’üncü, dünyada ise 7’inci sırada yer alan  global bir güç haline gelmiştir. 

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French solid oak Recycled wood from France Every week the best craftsmen from Europort head to the deepest corners of France in search of beautiful old pearls of buildings that have fallen into disuse. They carefully recover the old oak plank floors, roof trusses and beams. In our atelier in Pittem, this wood is processed into floors and stairs, cupboards and doors. At Europort you enjoy the quality guarantee of real solid old oak, directly imported by us from France.Pure craftsmanship with French solid oak From lost villages and lonely farmlands in France, Europort recovers the most beautiful and sustainable oak. His craftsmen create rustic furniture and interior elements with an antique patina, where tradition can live on. RECYCLED SOLID OAK Every week our craftsmen travel to the corners of France in search of beautiful old oak plank floors, roof trusses and beams. CUSTOMIZATION In our workshop in Pittem, the French wood is processed and custom-made to the furniture or products that best suit your interior. ADVICE & SERVICE Old lived-in charm in your home? In a classic or design version? Europort is happy to advise you on the possibilities to realize a personal dream in your home.
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WOOD TYPE & SORTING Choose from the classic oak or the different hardwood and coniferous wood your desired wood species. Everything is possible from calm to lively spatial effect. We distinguish in the sortings Elegant , Quiet , Lively , Character , Streaky and Object . We manufacture our THREE FRANKEN STABPARKETT in different standard sizes . For repair work and special format requests, we also produce special sizes . SURFACE In addition to our pre-polished rough surface, which can be individually finished on site, we can also supply our THREE-FRANKEN-STABPARKETT with oiled or ready-to-use oil. Our standard finishes are LIGHT , PEARL , ICE , SNOW , FOG and EARTH . LAYING PATTERN Depending on the laying pattern results in a different spatial effect. From simple to lively, from classic to modern - with us you can choose your desired look . HAPTICS Smooth or textured surfaces emphasize the grain of the rod from subtle to strong. In our brushed surfaces we differentiate between structured and structured extra . EDGE PROFILING As standard, we produce our bar parquet in sharp-edged or chamfered versions. Chamfered edges emphasize the effect of each individual bar, while the sharp-edged variant gives a uniform surface appearance.
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The professional flooring services KENIO provides high quality of flooring services as well as the technical counseling and consulting. The company deals with the sale of professional products related to flooring industry. We have the well-supplied store that offers all the materials needed for installation of an elegant, cosy and environmentally friendly floor. With the great experience of many years in the flooring industry, our company renders services based on the latest technologies and high quality materials provided by domestic and foreign producers. Our main activity is the full scale customer service that includes not only the selection of flooring solutions but also the professional realization of an order.Passion is the main component of our company’s success Łukasz Kenio, the founder of the brand, is a master carpenter. He has also been granted mastership in parquetry. Kenio has taken part in many professional competitions with very successful results. Despite the high level of competition, he got the top positions in the contests. As the owner of the carpentry apprenticeship certificate and the natural born perfectionist, Łukasz Kenio set up a trustworthy company with the main interest in the high quality of the provided services. His work is enriched with the elements of creativity and originality and that gives the company an advantage over its competitors. Company’s success derives from passion – KENIO proves these words. We have been operating on the market for several years and that is why we know how crucial the individual approach to clients is. We are also aware of the importance of the high standard of our services. Parkieciarz Wrocław equals the professional realization of an order.Our unique selling point In our work, we use the manual as well as creative abilities and skills to make up highly complex, elaborate projects. Even our wood mosaic is going to delight everyone. Together with the leading companies of the chemical industry, we organize trainings on parquet flooring works. Because the market still lacks well- qualified workers, we try to provide it with them. Constantly, we keep on improving our knowledge which we want to share with the others. Our company offers 100% warranty which can be acknowledged by references from hundreds of satisfied clients. We provide warranty servicing, post warranty servicing as well as technical counseling and consulting services. Our professional , top quality equipment along with well-qualified staff provide quick and perfect realization of different type of investments. The flooring services Wrocław – full scale well made.
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Why Artistic? Quality and reliability are key features of our work. But they are not the only ones. We are talking about the beauty of flooring . Style in popular espresso tones; floor and floor inspired by the sea and coast; modern gray accents - there are so many products in the Artico catalog that testify to our leadership in design . Our final product should be below, that today's picky and busy customer can be proud that it has , and it shows with a contented smile to their guests. At Artiko we closely follow the global trends in design - which are the most modern paints, furniture, furniture, textiles. We do all this to keep up with the times and bring the best today, to your home, office or commercial area. Part of the beauty of our flooring is due to the manual production of the individual details and the strict human control of each automated process. Many of our products are specially designed by artists and designers - with non-standard, innovative ideas and in-depth knowledge of tradition. With us you will not find two identical parquet floors - because our products are really made only by individual order .
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About me to start. From commercial training, I have long worn my pants on office chairs, hanging on the phone all day; In the banking sector, traceability, security of buildings, and finally in the media lounge, dedicated to the building (Batimat). But most of all, since I was young, I've always been a do-it-yourselfer. So many people I chose to do; a turning point in my professional life. Fed up with the defense and come back. Back to school. You will find on this site, various pages tracing some of my achievements. Do not hesitate to consult me ​​for other projects. Good visit. floor coverings The flooring has an important capital in a dwelling. This is one of the first things you look at when you enter a room. Whether tiling, parquet (solid or floating), carpet, or paint there is a solution to every budget. Here are some examples of achievements . ​ In new build or renovation, there is always a solution.
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Your floor is in good hands with us! We have more than 15 years of experience and many satisfied customers. So you can be sure that your floor is in good hands with us. A high quality finish is standard with us. For example, we do not finish a floor once, but three times. Furthermore, we naturally work with professional tools and materials. Clear communication and clear agreements are very important to us. As a client, you always know where you stand. Do you have a question or would you like to receive a quotation? Please contact us, we will gladly help you further!There is no better material than wood for us. With this passion we have been renovating the most beautiful wooden floors for more than 15 years. Prinsparket is also the right place for installing and finishing new floors!Your wooden floor like new! Stains, damage, an ugly color ... we turn the clock back and bring your wooden floor back to new condition! By sanding your floor, we remove the top layer of the wood. Stains, minor damage and the old paint layer disappear like snow in the sun. What remains is a sleek, smooth wooden floor that looks like it has just been installed. High-quality finish After your floor has been sanded, it will be finished with a high-quality lacquer or oil. We usually paint your floor with three layers of quality lacquer for a beautiful and durable result. We include color samples when recording the work. so that you get a good impression of the effect of a certain varnish or oil.Have wooden floors laid in various patterns Laying a wooden floor requires knowledge, craftsmanship and good tools. Prinsparket has it all. And we are also very affordable. A wooden floor can be laid in various patterns. The herringbone motif is very popular. This classic variant fits perfectly in the modern design! We have a lot of experience in laying herringbone floors, among other things. Contact us for a free quote. Lay laminate and PVC At Prinsparket we have a real passion for wood. But we can also handle PVC and laminate perfectly. Laying such floors requires a different expertise than laying wood. The emphasis at Prinsparket is always on quality: we ensure a perfect finish. Contact us for a competitive quote! Floor finishes and baseboards A sleek finish completes a floor. We guarantee a perfect finish for your new floor. Even if the room has many corners and cracks, we ensure that the floor fits perfectly everywhere. A beautiful (high) plinth is of course indispensable for the finish. We take care of it all and very affordable!
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Leveling over tiling Leveling over tiling is becoming more common. We therefore perform this work regularly. Especially when a new PVC floor is chosen, or when there is floor heating is milled through the tiles . We are often asked how we do this and with which material, you want to have a perfect underlay. Below our method when no underfloor heating is milled in. METHOD First of all we will check whether the tiles are such and that there are no loose tiles / tiles present. Should there be defective or loose tiles we remove these and we apply repair mortar to the relevant places. After this the Sanding tiles / tiles with a diamond segment. This promotes the adhesion of the primer in addition to the flagstones therefore absolutely fat-free. After sanding, which we already do dust poorly, the floor dust is sucked. LEVELING OVER TILING The next step is to apply the primer, for this we use a carbon primer from Uzin, one of the top brands on the European market. When the primer has dried, we will start leveling, depending on the floor that you install after that time, the leveling is chosen, of course from the same brand Uzin. Leveling respect is craftsmanship, any unevenness in the floor will be back later to be seen in your new floor covering. When you first have floor heating installed, we first close the slots closed. Thanks to the quick-drying repair means from Uzin, we can equalize the same day. You will therefore not be delayed during your renovation. NEW FLOOR After drying you can start laying your new floor. Always inform the upholsterer with which products your floor is leveled. With this information the upholsterer can determine the correct primer / glue for optimum attachment. After all, you want the best for your floor.A NEW FLOOR A new floor, of course, involves a lot. Especially if there is already one existing floor. The floor must be brought in its original condition to your to be able to lay a new floor. FLAT FLOOR A flat bare floor is the best start for your new floor. The upholsterer will you tell what is desirable in your case. REMOVE FLOOR We can remove the old floor for you so that this upholstery is ready for us, no matter what floor there is. We remove, among other things, Carpet, vinyl, linoleum, tiles and Parquet. Glued, nailed or loose makes no difference for us, we have about the right material. REMOVE FLOOR, HOW DOES IT WORK? We often get the question how you work, we will briefly explain this. When removing the floor, we really go for removal and not for demolish the floor with brutal force. Our starting point is therefore the cement deck to maintain the floor and deliver it flat. We cannot give a guarantee, but you may expect from us that we do everything in our power to deliver your floor as tightly as possible. If required, we also take care of the removal of the old floor. REQUEST A QUOTE We can remove most floors within 1 working day, but we go for quality and not for speed. The removal is done with special tools that are tuned to your floor, therefore it is important that we receive as much information as possible from you. We discuss the work by telephone and send you a quote. In almost all cases it is possible to give you a price and time indication during our conversation so that you immediately know where you stand
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In 1941 the company ALi , one of the first industries of the Republic of San Marino, obtained legal recognition and began its activity in the construction materials sector, specializing over the years in the production of wooden elements for parquet. Great innovation in 1989: ALi presents PreMass on the market , the first prefinished solid wood parquet worked at very high precision in its factory, an exclusive combination between the durability of traditional parquets and the rapidity of pre-finished laying. This gave life to a product that is unique in the world, an expression of love for wood and nature, created with an extremely sophisticated, complex and exclusive production technology, the result of consolidated experience in wood processing and progenitor in the years of a long series of excellent products gathered under the AliParquets brand , traditional and pre-finished in solid wood : Mass , PreMass ,SuperPreMass , ExtraMass . Range completed by precious handcrafted accessory elements, truly unique pieces, made in full thickness: Color , Inlays and Frames . In 2002 ALi introduced the new range of multilayer elements placed under the Woodì brand , the pre-finished multi-layer parquet floors , and then the Legni del Titano collection , made in the San Marino plant. Its important presence is thus consolidated in this emerging sector of wooden flooring with Maxi and Large formats , which best express the charm of large tables, and with Medium and Small , of smaller size. Today ALi, a SOLIDO GROUP company, operates on the market with the absolute most complete range of elements for parquet, enriched with special accessories, such as ALiPratiko , self-adhesive mats for an immediately walkable installation, and EcoWarmParquet , to make heating wood floors. We are also able to supply the best adhesives, to perform a perfect laying, as well as a complete range of products for cleaning and maintenance of the parquet, all gathered under the ALiTools brand . Thanks to the best features, the wide range and the prestige and quality of the materials, in the ALi yearshas met with great recognition from the designers and identified effective solutions that have contributed to the success of numerous prestigious installations, including: New Auditorium (Arch. Renzo Piano), Cantiere Impreme (Arch. Paolo Portoghesi) and Palazzo Brancaccio in Rome; Mole Antonelliana in Turin (Arch. Gianfranco Gritella and Antes Bortolotti); Palace of Congresses and Culture of San Benedetto del Tronto (Ing. Cesare Bonfigli); Palace of the Government of the Republic of San Marino (Arch. Gae Aulenti); New Politeama Theater in Poggibonsi (Arch. Adolfo Natalini); Casino of Campione d'Italia (Arch. Mario Botta); Royal Palace of Milan (Arch. Alberico Belgioioso); Villa Manzoni, Republic of San Marino (Arch. Giorgio De Carlo); Basilica of Superga in Turin; New City Life City Center Milan (Arch. Zaha Hadid, Arch.
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More than 55 years ago, ME-VO-GRA was founded as a wholesaler of MEststoffen, VOeders and GRAnen, later potting soil and peat were added and later, along with the rise of wooden garden furniture, demand for wooden train sleepers also arose in the garden centers. Mevogra has specialized in the trade of railway materials, mainly in recovered railway sleepers that are still the main activity to date. Over the years, Mevogra has even become one of the European market leaders. In addition to the train tracks, old wagon boards were also recovered for reuse and the ball started rolling there ... Thanks to the wagon planks, Mevogra has entered the world of old building materials and has started to focus further on the recovery of natural stone and wooden floors. These old floors are recovered with the utmost care and the latest technology. Due to the scarcity of the old wagon planks, Mevogra started looking for a new product and that's how Cambrillo, the latest innovation within the company, saw the light. Cambrillo is the house brand of oak plank floors that Mevogra produces itself according to its three core values, quality, authenticity and innovation ...Railway sleepers Mevogra NV is a household name in the world of train sleepers; for 30 years we have been one of the largest suppliers in Europe. Full lines are purchased, the sleepers are then sorted by straightness in A and B class and of course according to type of wood. (oak, azobé, pine, etc.) The majority is destined for export, only a small portion ends up on the local market. We also offer train sleepers that are smaller than the standard dimensions and switch wood.
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PARQUET Professionally laid out with the utmost care. We rely on know-how and high quality, latest materials in the field of parquet. For example, planks in oak, Einstabparquet on underfloor heating or mosaic parquet. Environmentally friendly with proven adhesives and paints laid, you get a floor that is individually tailored to you. In an instant, we renew your old parquet floor by dust-free sanding and oiling.Planks Einstabparkett parquet parquetry Industrial parquet Dust-free sanding Oiling & sealing Cork & laminate FLOORING Design flooring, linoleum, carpeting and more. No matter which flooring you choose, whether for the kitchen or the entire house, we will assist you with our experience. Here you will find design flooring, linoleum, rubber and much more. For example the complete range of floor coverings of the JOKA brand, as we are an excellent JOKA consultant.FLOORING LVT (design floors) organic soils linoleum PVC rubber carpeting RENOVATIONS Old beams, crooked ceilings, low rooms? Ask us. With a lot of experience and know-how in the field of old building renovation and renovations, we have the right materials and solutions for you. These qualities are used in the construction with floors without significant height, but with good sound and heat insulation.RENOVATIONS UZIN turbolight system SiGan quick dry adhesives Wet room concept Patented leveling compounds in quick construction MINITEC Fussbodenheizungssyteme