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Marka Tescil, Tasarım, Patent/Faydalı Model üretenlere, ürettikleri fikirleri ve ürünleri korumak isteyenlere hizmet veren bir danışmanlık şirketiyiz.

Fikri ve Sınai Mülkiyet Haklarını, insanların; hatta, ülkelerin gelişerek ilerlemelerinin en önemli unsurlarından biri olarak görüyoruz. Buradan hareketle amacımız; Fikri ve Sınai Haklar konusunda gerekli bilincin yaygınlaştırılmasını sağlamak ve her zaman beklentilerin üzerine çıkarak müşterilerimiz ve bağlantılı olduğumuz diğer tüm kişiler/kuruluşlar için en üst düzeyde katma değer yaratmaktır.

Son yıllarda önemli gelişmeler gösterse de tescil sistemi hala tüm girişimciler nezdinde bilinir olamamıştır. Bir çok buluş sahibi ya yeterli korunacağına inanmayarak, ya buluşunun patent verilmeye değer olmadığını düşündüğünden ya da bu konudan hiç haberdar olmadığı için tescile başvurmamaktadır.

Bu noktada Türk Patent ve Marka Kurumu nezdinde vekalet işlevi gören bir özel şirket olan biz ve bizim gibi diğer patent ofisleri dernek, vakıf gibi oluşumlarda seminerler veya firmalarda bilgilendirme toplantıları ile konu hakkında bilgilendirmeler yapmakta ve ihtiyacın varlığını belirleyip korunmanın yollarını göstererek gerekli görüldüğünde tescil işlemini gerçekleştirip korumayı sağlamaktadır.


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Uluslararası Patent ve Ticari Marka Tescil Firmaları
Founded in Milan in 1925, Racheli is a consultancy firm in industrial and intellectual property , which operates in Italy and abroad also through a selected network of consultants and correspondents. Racheli, availing itself of the collaboration of professionals of consolidated experience and expertise, assists each client in solving problems and in defining strategies for communicating and enhancing the intangible heritage , developing and marketing products , services and processes. Racheli provides a wide range of consulting services and assistance in the filing and registration of patent applications, designs and models, trademarks, domain names, intellectual works at national level in all countries of the world, international and EU . Racheli currently manages, also through an ON-LINE IP system , constantly updated, thousands of patents relating to the various technical sectors and over 20,000 brands. The experience gained in about 90 years of activity represents a guarantee of high reliability. Moreover, Racheli is able to offer a series of other services such as priority searches, customs surveillance services, IP due diligence, patent evaluation. Mission The mission of Racheli is in fact to offer with professionalism, competence, efficiency, services of global protection of the patrimony of the material goods finalized to the definition and shared management of a strategy of success in the realization of the business project. Racheli, in agreement with the associated law firm BMLex , also ensures qualified legal assistance and advice , in the various areas of law that affect the life of every economic operator, starting from extrajudicial and judicial assistance for the protection and exploitation of exclusive rights in Italy and abroad. Racheli, in collaboration with the BMLex studio , contributes to the dissemination of the culture of innovation through the organization of meetings and seminars on specific international issues as well as informative-training mini-courses for its customers. History The study owes its name and origin to the initiative of its founder , the ' Engineer Adele Racheli , that in the aftermath of the First World War , realizing the importance of protecting innovation , opens in Milan in 1925 as Racheli study . Team Uno dei punti di forza dello studio Racheli è costituito da team di lavoro, consulenti ed assistenti qualificati con anni di esperienza. I consulenti sono: • dottori in ingegneria meccanica, elettronica e chimica, esperti nella brevettazione di invenzioni nel campo della meccanica, elettrotecnica, elettronica e della chimica industriale, nonché nel campo del design industriale; sono mandatari abilitati presso l’Ufficio Italiano Brevetti e Marchi, presso l’Ufficio per l’Armonizzazione del Mercato Interno (sezione dei disegni e modelli industriali) e presso l’Ufficio Brevetti Europeo. • avvocati, dottori in giurisprudenza e lingue straniere, consulenti esperti nella registrazione e tutela dei marchi, nomi a dominio, diritto d’autore; sono mandatari abilitati presso l’Ufficio Italiano Brevetti e Marchi e presso l’Ufficio per l’Armonizzazione del Mercato Interno (sezioni marchi, disegni e modelli industriali). I consulenti Racheli, oltre ad essere iscritti agli ordini ed albi professionali di categoria sono presenti ed attivi in molte associazioni inerenti alla Proprietà Intellettuale in Italia ed all’estero quali, Ordine dei Consulenti Italiani in Proprietà Industriale, Collegio Italiano dei Consulenti in Proprietà Industriale; International Trademark Association (INTA), Institute of Trade Mark Agents (ITMA), European Community Trademark Association (ECTA), Fédération Internationale des Conseils en Popriété Industrielle (FICPI), Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propriété Intellectuelle (AIPPI). Gli assistenti sono laureati e diplomati in lingue straniere, materie giuridiche, economiche ed umanistiche con consolidata esperienza nel settore OUR LOCATION Airport Train From Malpensa Airport, you may easily reach us by taking the Malpensa Express train leaving from Malpensa Station every 30 minutes and reaching Milano-Cadorna Train Station in about 40 minutes.
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Uluslararası Patent ve Ticari Marka Tescil Firmaları
We are a law firm specializing in employment law with headquarters in Cologne and a branch in Siegburg. The namesake, lawyer Arnd Potratz, leads (since the year 2000), of course, also the title " Specialist Lawyer for Labor Law ". Below you will find a - not exhaustive - overview of our employment law work for employer managing Director employee such as a directions to the office in Cologne and Information about the law firm owner . Please also note the extensive "Encyclopaedia of Labor Law" . The section " Articles on Labor Law " contains further information about employment law. Our most read posts in this category: " Extraordinary Termination (or Termination for Good Reason )" and "Hiring of Disabled Workers - Opportunity or Risk? " Advice and representation of employers We offer employers continuous advice, if desired as part of a consulting contract , also for start-ups, start-ups and spin-offs. Our services go from advice on job openings, hires and the application process altogether until the design of work - and service contracts of any kind (eg full-time / part-time, short term / lifetime, etc.) with "normal" employees, officers and directors. We design special and additional agreements (eg company cars , work equipment, flexible compensation , etc.), offer advice on the termination of employment contracts or their termination altogether, negotiate and draft cancellation and settlement agreements and act on special dismissal protection (pregnant women, severely disabled people , Works councils). We negotiate with works councils and draft works agreements (eg working time and holiday regulations). We represent in disputes with the works council, in approval replacement proceedings and arbitration proceedings , reconciliation of interests / social plan, collective dismissal and rationalization, transfer of business, decommissioning of enterprises or parts of operations and outsourcing of individual business branches. We also design warnings and testimonials. We represent our clients nationwide in all labor courts, regional labor courts and the Federal Labor Court. In the future, we will offer work aids in the form of sample texts on our website .
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Uluslararası Patent ve Ticari Marka Tescil Firmaları
FRANCHISE LAW Optimal advice for franchisor and customer in all franchise-related issues SALES AND ANTITRUST LAW Advice on sales and antitrust disputes including supervision CORPORATE AND CORPORATE LAW Consulting, contracting and litigation in those matters that are of everyday importance to businesses REAL ESTATE AND CONSTRUCTION (VEHICLES) RIGHT Advice, contract as well as fiduciary and basic book handling of property and property development projects franchise law Are you thinking about spreading your business idea through a franchise system? It can not be started soon enough to find out about the legal framework and start setting up a suitable franchise agreement for you . Would you like a review of a franchise agreement and perhaps its adaptation to the current legal situation? Like many franchise systems and franchise partners, rely on the many years of expertise of the franchise law expert. Take a look for yourself and read their presentations or browse through our franchise right brochure . We are happy to advise you on your franchiserechtlichen topics - contact us ! In the following areas we offer you our services : general franchise and sales law advice Advising franchisors Advising franchisees Writing, reviewing and adapting franchise agreements (to the Austrian / current legal situation) Obligations of the franchisor and the franchisee Creation and examination of rental and lease contracts License and exclusive contracts antitrust agendas Know-how protection digitalization data protection Creation, revision and updating of employment and employment contracts Development, revision and updating of terms and conditions pre-contractual information requirements Consumer rights Creation of confidentiality agreements Unfair competition compliance Conflict resolution between franchisor and franchisee compensation claim Litigation in case of dispute Lecturing on franchise-related topics (at events on the subject of franchising and also at annual conferences)distribution law Distribution law is the right to sell goods and services and serves to regulate the sales organization. It covers in particular the legal relationships between entrepreneur and commercial agent (= commercial agent law) or broker or between franchisor and franchisee (= franchise law), between employer and employed traveler and between manufacturer or supplier and authorized dealer. The distribution law is not coherently regulated. Legal provisions governing the "allowed" in the area of ​​sales promotion or organization also belong to the distribution law. Among other things, this applies to certain standards of competition law, antitrust law and data protection law. Finally, European law is also an important source of distribution law. We not only carry out the review of contracts, but also the creation, adaptation or updating as well as the termination of contracts. We also advise on the development of the right strategy.Corporate and corporate law The leap into self-employment requires the clarification of the correct form of society - who already has a society, must perhaps even rethink the existing power play of the shareholders involved. Also, as an entrepreneur, you are subject to a number of (special) regulations, the knowledge of which is essential. In corporate law as well as corporate law, there are many possibilities for structuring the joint interaction of several persons. Even disputes are one or the other times. The right form of company but especially the structure of the social contract contributes much to what the future of the participants will look like. Let us advise you in detail about the possibilities and shape your future according to your wishes! If your own knowledge is no longer available or if you have special questions to answer, we are at your disposal. We are also happy to assist you in drafting contracts or conducting legal proceedings! Services: Advice on corporate and corporate law issues Business start-ups, company foundations Writing, examining and harmonizing contracts of all kinds (cooperation agreements, rights of use, franchise and distribution contracts, etc) Writing company, syndicate, trustee contracts etc. Advice and representation in shareholder disputes Advice and representation in (judicial) disputes Real estate and construction (vehicles) right An important competence of the law firm Dr. Ing. Ollinger is the management of property development projects as well as the advice and contracting in all matters related to the purchase, rent and lease of real estate. We take over the support of real estate developers in project realization of all kinds, in particular contract review, contract preparation, land register implementation, condominium grounds. Our support for buyers, sellers, landlords and developers ranges from the planning phase through the establishment of transaction documents to the safe implementation of the best solution in each case. We also support our clients in all areas of tenancy and property law. Services: Implementation of property development projects Contract design for real estate purchase, rent and lease Justification of home ownership Construction contracts, architect contracts and general contractor contracts Representation in construction matters Trust settlement easements
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Uluslararası Patent ve Ticari Marka Tescil Firmaları
GLP is a strategic partner, precise and reliable. We collaborate with our Clients in the complex and structured journey that leads to innovation and protection of innovation. At GLP we always try to establish an active collaboration with our Clients, so as to satisfy their real needs, creating an indissoluble relationship of trust between partners that has allowed us to grow through a process of "word of mouth". In this way we have gone beyond the borders of Italy and established ourselves first in Europe, then in the US and finally in Asia. The diversity of our Clients means that all our staff have to deal with a plurality of problems, ensuring that every Client is always given the best strategies, updated and applied, depending on targets that have been discussed, shared and defined. In Intellectual Property the Client can verify the quality of the consultancy he has received only when he finds himself in a lawsuit, and this occurs only in 5% of cases. GLP acts as if this verification were applied on all cases, and it is for this reason that we are committed to the highest quality, both in consultancy and in drawing up patent documents, and in filing trademarks or designs. Our aim is always to give a real quality to our services: as a result, some of our patent texts have been given as examples of best practice in national and international publications. We believe that Intellectual Property is a fundamental tool for the growth and development, firstly of an economic system and then of a national economic system. For this reason, for more than forty years, GLP has written publications that are distributed free-of-charge, and we continue to organize and promote events, courses and seminars. The results obtained by GLP are the fruits of a visceral passion for the subject and a rigorous search for the highest perfection. For these reasons, today, the Group manages more than 7,200 Clients and a portfolio of more than 90,000 cases. The dedication of the whole Group has certainly contributed to obtaining results that are widely recognized: this makes GLP a European player of the first degree.
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about us Each client has individual questions and requirements, is looking for a detailed technical advice and expects to respond to his very specific problem in a friendly and trusting atmosphere. We are happy to meet these requirements and also offer the fastest, most effective and cost-effective solution to the problem. legal advice Whether you consult us as a private person or as an entrepreneur: We support you in securing your legal and tax affairs and represent your interests from an economic point of view after intensive examination - in an advisory, extrajudicial and judicial capacity. In addition to your "everyday" legal problems (accident law, traffic law, tenancy law, etc.), we are your contact partner in the following areas: inheritance Testamentsgestaltung Succession planning for individuals and entrepreneurs estate disputes Testamentsvollstreckung Asserting inheritance rights Foundation and administration of foundations Supervision and prevention powers, living wills Employment Law Design of employment contracts extrajudicial and judicial supervision of dismissal and dismissal proceedings administrative law Public construction and planning law Public service law municipal law Construction and Architects Law Design and control of construction contracts Supervision of independent proof procedures Assertion and defense against claims for defects, out of court and in court Public construction and planning law family law Divorce proceedings and divorce settlement agreements Matrimonial agreements All agreements and procedures with family law background Advice and contracts for non-marital partnerships contract law Design and control of contracts of all kinds and support of contract negotiations Tax law including tax criminal law Designs with a tax background Representation in tax criminal proceedings before investigating authorities and courts In addition, we are also available to our corporate clients for employee training on site. In addition to the local and regional courts, we are also authorized to represent at all supreme and federal courts (with the exception of the Federal Court of Justice). The fields of legal and tax advice are increasingly interlinked today. We offer the right concept from a house and from a single source!
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Protecting your ideas for over 140 years. Founded in Turin in 1872, Jacobacci & Partners is currently leading the way in the field of intellectual property. High-quality, customized and global service. 13 partners, 90 professionals and over 250 administrative staff, located in 13 offices in 4 European countries, offering the highest quality services to assist our clients with the challenges of innovation. A wealth of experience with virtually every type of intellectual property issue. We manage over 100,000 patents and 100,000 trademarks for more than 10,000 clients of every size, sector and geographic area: an extraordinary history that allows us to state with confidence that we have already encountered virtually every type of IP issue that may arise. Our clients are in good company. More than half of the top 100 global brands have entrusted us with the protection of their IP rights. Awards National and international awards are nice, but these are not our goals. They are simply reminders that it is our ongoing responsibility to provide the best possible service to our clients. 2019 World Trademark Review – The World’s Leading Professionals 2019 Jacobacci & Partners has been nominated “Highly Recommended Agency” by the World Trademark Review on the annual guide “The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals 2019”. Guido Jacobacci, Franca Acuto, Enrico Riccardino and Elena Monte are our leading professionals mentioned. The Innovation & IP Forum and Awards - Gold Award in the Best IP Advisor Italy category Jacobacci & Partners is co-winner as Best IP Advisor in Italy at The Innovation & IP Forum and Awards, the second edition of the Leaders League’s award dedicated to challenges and opportunities in the world of patents, trademarks and intellectual property in general. 2018 World Trademark Review – The World’s Leading Professionals 2018 Once again, Jacobacci & Partners has been nominated a “Highly Recommended Agency” by the World Trademark Review on the annual guide “The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals 2018”. Guido Jacobacci, Franca Acuto, Enrico Riccardino and Elena Monte are our leading professionals mentioned.
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OUR SERVICES accident regulation Representation in fines and criminal matters Representation in labor law matters Representation before the Social Court Representation before the Local, Land and Higher Regional Courts Advice and representation in marriage and family law, inheritance law Debt settlement and insubvency proceedings Activity as insolvency administrator and trustee LAW FIRM BAITINGER & KOLLEGEN The city of Gotha with its approx. 46,000 inhabitants is the seat of our law firm. There is a local law firm with the law firm Baitinger & Baitinger in Landau. We offer legal advice and legal representation before the courts of private individuals, Self-employed and of medium-sized enterprises. We represent and advise you in the following areas: Traffic Law • Family Law • Employment Law • Social Law • Inheritance Law • Insolvency Law • Insurance Law
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Your lawyer for expert advice Our law firm specializes in civil and commercial law. The focus is on damages law (in particular sport and ski accidents, traffic accidents and patient law), real estate and fundamental traffic law and inheritance law. But I also like to advise you in other areas of civil law and administrative law. The field of intellectual property (trademark law including trademark applications, domain law, copyright, industrial property rights, etc.) is another area of ​​specialization. As your lawyer, I offer you in these areas not only a comprehensive out-of-court care (legal advice, contracting, contract review, etc.), but I represent your interests in these areas in court and administrative authorities.chancellery The office is very central. Bright, high-ceilinged rooms in a turn of the century building greet you as you enter the office; an ideal environment to advise you legally. network The legal care of clients often requires expertise from other departments. Cooperations enable optimal processing of your mandate. fee Here you can find more information about the lawyer's fees. Before placing the order I inform you in an initial consultation about the expected costs.
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In an information society in which information and knowledge make up the raw material, fast and reliable information becomes a competitive factor. Being one step ahead of the competition is the prerequisite for economic success. Specialist information from science and technology offer valuable support. We use the extensive documentation of worldwide technical knowledge. As professional researchers, we can give you the decisive information advantage. We conduct patent and literature searches in selected information sources. In a nutshell you should know the following about us: Our company exists since the year 2000. Our special competence lies in the field of information procurement. Our long-term customers especially appreciate the fast and competent supply of the raw material knowledge. Our business premises are located in Böhl-Iggelheim, Rhein-Pfalz-Kreis.Information and literature procurement is our daily bread. For over 20 years, the international databases with millions of documents are our home. We answer your inquiries quickly, precisely, competently and reliably. In general, we research for information of all kinds, one focus is on the search for scientific-technical information, including patents, but also the economic information is not too short. You can also entrust us with chemistry-specific questions, such as structural research. To answer your questions, we search in over 3,000 online databases of national and international hosts and use many other sources of information as well as the Internet. After the careful preparation of the search profile, you will receive a list of references with the bibliographic information and the abstract, which should give you a first overview of the existing literature and the patents. The further research steps we agree with you.
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Machner & Saurer GmbH Patent Right Management innovation consulting Machner & Saurer GmbH was founded in 1992 by outsourcing the patent department of the company "Böhler Edelstahl GmbH". Based on this extensive and recognized knowledge potential, she has many years of experience in the field of intellectual property law and is involved in the identification and procurement of publications in the technical-scientific field, as well as the management, maintenance, marketing and exploitation of intellectual property of third parties. In doing so, the company uses state-of-the-art communication and information technologies. Access to worldwide databases, direct links to international patent offices and patent attorneys, and ongoing research on the state of the art are among our strengths. Our team introduces itself...OUR SERVICES Patent information if you are interested, then click here .... Researching patent searches Monitoring the legal status of property rights Patent searches in databases and literature archives Surveillance of Austrian, German, European, international (PCT), American and, if desired, further patent and utility model publications Patent Family Searches trademark searches Monitoring of trademarks (national, international, Community trademarks) similarity search literature searches Research in the general literature Intellectual property rights management Patent renewal fees monitoring of the annual fees and payment of fees Brand renewals - Evidence retention of renewal dates and payment of fees Procurement of translations in all languages ​​and all languages Legalization - notary, court, consulate Mediation of contacts with patent attorneys and lawyers Intellectual Property Terms Patents protect the creator of original services in the technical field, giving the inventor the opportunity to achieve economic success through the temporary right to sole use of his innovation, thus stimulating technical development. Trademarks protect companies from competing with their competitors for their products and services by giving them exclusive rights to enforce their brand on the market and provide the consumer with a plagiarism detection tool. Patterns protect the designer of a commercial product from the cash on delivery of the design he designs. Semiconductor rights protect topographies of microelectronic semiconductor products. Impulsive function of technical information Any technician who has sought new technical solutions will be able to confirm that his knowledge of the state-of-the-art technology in the field he has worked on has given him a great deal of stimulation and possibly new progressive results he may not even be aware of it. This impulse function of the technical information thus stimulates technical creativity and promotes technical progress, on which the ability to innovate depends. Prerequisite for entrepreneurial decision The knowledge of the latest state of the art is at the same time an indispensable prerequisite for entrepreneurial decisions. This knowledge can prevent bad investments from being made in research and development projects that may result in superfluous duplications and subsequent inventions. This results in significant economic losses that should no longer be tolerated. According to realistic results of scientific investigations, up to 30% of the costs incurred for research and development are additionally caused because the documented and accessible state of the art is not established and taken into account from the outset. A central task of every corporate management is to recognize and use technological trends in good time. Patent applications hold enormous information potential about technological trends and other future developments in the market. The targeted analysis and tracking of patent information provide an excellent tool for early warning, as technology leaps can be detected early. The coordination of technical developments saves costs. Multiple developments can be avoided and existing technical knowledge used more efficiently
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firm profile We are a traditional business law firm based in Hamburg's Outer Alster and a location in Berlin. From here we advise domestic and foreign companies as well as associations on business law issues. In addition, we represent our clients before national courts, the Court of First Instance (ECJ) and the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ). We are specialists. Our competences are in Labor law , Construction and Architect Law , Inheritance law , Corporate Law / M & A , commercial tenancy law , Commercial law , international commercial law , Food law , Trademark and Trademark Law , Administrative law as well as in the Competition law . Our experience builds on tradition. We look ahead with our clients. In our medium-sized office, the client is in the center and is personally looked after by his lawyer. Fast, tailor-made and success-oriented solutions are our goal. Tradition: the beginnings Already in 1969, the later Minister of Economic Affairs of Schleswig-Holstein, Dr. med. Jürgen Westphal, and Hans H. Voges with the law office Westphal & Voges the cornerstone of our law firm. The law firm specialized in commercial law advice, in particular commercial and corporate law, construction law and employment law. After German unification, an additional location was opened in Berlin in 1992. In 1989 Dr. Axel Krohn and dr. Carl v. Jagow the law firm Krohn & v. Jagow, who advised on food law, competition law and trademark law. Dr. Axel Krohn is considered a pioneer of food law in Germany. The law firm Krohn & v. Jagow was one of the first German law firms to specialize in the food industry. Further development
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