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About Atlantis Translation Bureau The group of translators, which is at the origins of our company, began to engage in professional translations since 2002. It was then that the first customers appeared who needed systematic and professional help in translating technical documentation from / into English and German. Over time, our service package has grown, and the number of “working” languages ​​has reached 24. We have been successfully operating in the linguistic services market since 2007. To date, our translators have accumulated rich experience in translating texts of a wide variety of topics, including highly specialized ones. BASIC TYPES OF WORKS OF THE ATLANTIS TRANSLATION BUREAU: Technical translation (oral) and translation of technical documentation or texts of any complexity. Written translation of business, legal, financial and medical documentation. Urgent notarized translation of documents and preparation of documents for affixing the stamp “Apostille” (Apostille). Escort of foreign delegations by professional translators. Telephone calls in 3-way conference mode. Duplication and translation of audio-video materials, videos, presentations from / into foreign languages, narration text. Website and software localization. Professionalism and high quality services are what we strive for. We do our favorite thing, and any successfully completed project or order brings each of us great satisfaction. However, to achieve better results this is not enough. Therefore, we are customer-oriented, always ready to listen to you and find a mutually beneficial solution! All wishes and suggestions related to the work of our office can be sent directly to the director of the company by e-mail . Not a single message will be left without attention. Thank!
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Tax, Accounting and Labor Advisory for companies in Zaragoza ASHLOC CONSULTORES, SL is a comprehensive consultancy based on the personalized treatment we give to each of our clients . In the same space we combine areas as disparate in appearance as tax , accounting and labor advice with the translation department or the legal department . We only have one objective, to integrate the humane treatment with a professional service of the highest quality that allows us to more effectively approach the needs of your company. We are aware that today businessmen demand with more demand than ever efficiency and above all resolutivity that allows them to continue with their usual activity without trying time to try to solve issues that move away from their competition. After more than 25 years of experience in the sector, we have developed strategies that allow us to take time away from the word in order to optimize our resources in finding the best solution to your needs. Are you looking for a service that is different, efficient and specialized? Contact us .
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Translations in Zaragoza We are a company backed by extensive experience and the quality and rigor of our work. Presentation We are Translations ZB , a translation agency located in Zaragoza, with extensive experience in the area of ​​translation and interpretation. For several decades we have strived to offer a complete service with the best native translators. In addition to offering quality, seriousness and rigor in translations, we maintain a personalized service with customers, always with the utmost cordiality. Given the great experience acquired throughout our trajectory, we have been adapting the company to the evolution of the means and the needs of the clients, so we have been expanding the staff of native collaborators. In this way, we anticipate the needs of the market with experienced translators in all languages, including those that are increasingly acquiring demand.
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Translation Agency in Paris 8 Who are we ? Uniontrad Company is a translation agency located in the heart of Paris for more than twenty years. You will find on this site a description of the services we offer to both individuals and companies. We invite you to submit your requests online to obtain a quote immediately and free of charge. You now have the opportunity to finalize your order online now. To do this, enter the amount of the transaction in the field opposite, then click on the Ogone logo.
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A- A A+ WELCOME TO OUR WEBSITE A.A.Lingua - Aalst - PresentationA.A.Lingua in Aalst is your partner for all your translation and proofreading work. Choose our services if you would like quick and high-quality work at the best price for all your translations, including certified and legalized ones. We can provide precise and correct translations in all European or other languages. In order to guarantee the quality of our work, we always call upon qualified translators whose target language is their mother tongue. We can also approach us for proofreading work such as proofreading/correction of texts, Web sites or even previously translated texts. A.A.Lingua works both for companies and governments and for individuals on large or small-scale assignments. Over the past few decades, we have acquired a great many references. Speed and precision are our main assets, as is a strong sense of detail which never to spot any language or typing errors. The business manager, Els Hendrickx, is a perfectionist and she closely monitors each piece of work. She is also always your contact.. THE FACE OF A.A.LINGUA Since Els Hendrickx, a translation graduate, created A.A.Lingua in 1994, she has acquired just over twenty years of experience in translation and proofreading. Speed, precision and accuracy are important values for her. Due to her interest in healthy eating and sport, she is not only a professional sworn translator but also an independent Herbalife distributor and consultant. She also devotes time to charities thanks to her membership of service clubs such as Soroptimist International and Ladies Circle. Do not hesitate to contact us without obligation if you have any questions or you would like to entrust work to A.A.Lingua. We always apply the fairest price in all honesty and in the interest of the highest quality.
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ONELINER Fast growing Oneliner immediately got off to a lightning fast start in 2000. Over the past years, Oneliner has developed into the largest Belgian family owned translation agency, employing over 75 people. Word class, fully remote team Our virtual headquarters is in Belgium, but we're a fully remote team of top professionals spread all over the world. Between us, we cover 5 continents, 7 nationalities and 12 languages. Our quality speaks for itself We never advertise; 95% of our new clients come directly to Oneliner on the recommendation of a satisfied customer. Nothing is more powerful than word-of-mouth advertising.
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Translation Agency At Deltatext we are a translation agency with more than 22 years of experience in the world of translation and interpretation, where we offer quality and efficiency thanks to our professional and native translators. We have a wide range of services related to the treatment of languages. Our translation services company guarantees the optimization of processes using the most advanced quality standards: ISO 9001 UNE-EN 17100. In this way, we offer specific solutions oriented not only towards a simple translation work, but also designed to solve complex problems and respond to the specific needs of each company and department. We ensure the accuracy of the translation, its internal coherence and we offer a technological process of processing the documentation. We adapt exactly to the profile of each company. What sets us apart from other translation companies? • We manufacture our own terminology and documentary management software • We have online collaborative tools to speed up the translation and revision process • Possibility to interact with translators in real time • A proven emergency system • A team of translators with years of experience in different fields • Regular quality control meetings with our clients • We are builders of Quality Control Systems • We are a company run by engineers and linguists
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United Professional Sworn Translation and Consultancy Services was established in 1997 in Ankara to provide Professional Sworn Translation and Consultancy Services needed in Turkey and abroad. Customer Satisfaction Oriented Translation Service Our company adopts the understanding of our valuable corporate and individual customers accurate, complete, timely, fast, reliable and high quality Translation Service offers. Upon the request of our Corporate and Individual Clients, our company has opened its offices in Istanbul, Ankara, Tekirdag and Bursa. United Sworn Translation and Consultancy Services Our company employs 65 payroll employees (all Professional Sworn Translators) and over 200 full and part time Professional Sworn Translators. United Sworn Translation and Consultancy Services We provide Sworn Translation Services in all languages ​​and employ the most equipped, qualified and qualified expert sworn translators in the field in order to provide all services with the highest quality, fastest and competitive price understanding. Our Corporate Company which acts with the consciousness of being a Professional Sworn Translation Company; - It acts with the understanding of keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level by offering different and high quality service. - Analyze customer needs and expectations in the best way. - Continuously renews and improves itself in order to provide quality service above the expectations of its customers. - Acts within a certain plan in order to provide service to its customers in a systematic manner and shows the flexibility to adapt to the customer demand changes that may occur within the service process as soon as possible. - Our Sworn Translation Office, which is in constant communication with its customers during the service process, fully informs its customers at all stages and provides consultancy services to ensure the best possible conclusion of the process. - Our office, which has a fast communication understanding, acts with the effort of adding value to its activities by following the innovations in the Sworn Translation Sector - the developments in the equipment and the activities of its customers. - Our sworn translation office provides consultancy services by conducting comprehensive studies to answer the questions of our esteemed Corporate and Individual Customers in the Sworn Translation Sector. Our company, which aims to bring a new approach to Sworn Translation and Consultancy Services sector, is an International Translation Company that follows the International Sworn Translation Standards closely, adheres to ethical principles and has a corporate structure.
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Our goal is to make language a chance for you. That's why our team of project managers and numerous native-speaker translators and proofreaders do their utmost to ensure that your words can be translated precisely, quickly and reliably into any other language. We enable worldwide communication and overcome boundaries. You will always receive your translations punctually on the agreed date. In urgent assignments, we have often made the impossible possible. Quality and accuracy are our top priority. Your texts are therefore not only translated by us, but the translation additionally checked by a second person. It is important for us to always stay in contact with you, so that the result corresponds exactly to your expectations. Only if you are pleased, we are pleased too!SABINE HALLER TRANSLATIONS - PERFECT TEAMWORK We are looking for direct contact with our customers. Because only through the personal conversation we learn from your goals and wishes and put them to the best of our ability.
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Service Translations We produce translations of professional quality on the basis of the native speaker and “two pairs of eyes” principles. This is guaranteed by our registration in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17100. The competence and technical knowledge of our translators ensure first-class quality. Our principles include delivery on time, reliability and absolute confidentiality. We can handle just about any file format. We can retain your existing formatting so that you do not need to do any such work later at your company. Orders can be taken by Internet (online), e-mail, fax or telephone. There is always a way to reach us. We handle large projects on schedule using a team of translators that is put together especially - On request, also with the use of the latest CAT translation tools. Certification of documents Official bodies require as a rule certified documents to ensure a binding and accurate version of the original document. Our sworn translators have been officially authorized by the law courts to certify documents. Interpreting service We would be glad to provide experienced and highly qualified interpreters for seminars, conferences, meetings or negotiation sessions. We would be glad to quote the rates for interpreters on request. Prices We offer you high quality at a very reasonable price and can also arrange attractive inclusive prices. You are most welcome to send to us any documents that you need to have translated and we will quickly provide you with a quotation with no obligation.
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RIGOR AND QUALITY FOR YOUR COMPLETE TRUST AGESTRAD - Spanish Translation Agency is certified with the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality standards, as well as several awards and recognitions. It has representation in Madrid, Granada and London , and follows defined guidelines to guarantee our clients the highest quality in the best terms. Our translation agency works only with professional translators and certified native professional reviewers ensuring an optimal result in all our work. Our translators also have specific training and experience in different fields: legal, medical, commercial, linguistic, technical, translation of apps and websites , etc. Translators, reviewers and managers coordinate in a rigorous work to be able to offer a quality final product within the required deadlines. Quality is achieved with custom works. Therefore, we manage the terminology used with each client to ensure consistent and consistent translations with the style of your company. Our purpose is to get involved with our customers to become not only suppliers, but their collaborators.
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What service do you need? Languages: any combination you require. Type of text: general, technical, scientific, legal and sworn translations. Editing and proof-reading. Interpreting: simultaneous, consecutive, and escort interpreting. Interpretation over the telephone. Videoconferencing Transcription of audio-visual documents. Guides and conference hostesses. Deadlines We assume full responsibility for prompt compliance with the established deadlines. Payment We accept payment by bank transfer, direct debiting through the bank, or a check payable to our company. New clients will be charged 25% in advance and the remainder when the translation is delivered. Regular clients will be billed monthly. We give you a quote and set a deadline. We select the best professionals (translators and editors) for your particular Project. Your multilingual projects are assigned a Project Manager who will ensure a streamlined, high-quality final product. We stay in close contact with you throughout the duration of the Project. We accept any document / text format.
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