Okullar İçin Mobilya Üretici ve Satıcıları
For over seventy years Arredamenti Cignini with the artisan passion of a family company takes care from the design to the realization of a furniture collection entirely MADE IN ITALY. The production status starts with the processing of raw materials (iron and wood), passes from painting to assembly, thus allowing a greater quality control in each processing phase. A customizable product that complies with safety and ergonomics standards, with absolute respect for nature and which fully complies with European regulations. Currently Arredamenti Cignini offers two market lines: "Edi Design Living and Contract" which concerns the production of chairs and tables for the contract and private sector and, "Community, School and Office", which concerns the production of complete furnishings for the schools, offices and communities. Present in over 30 countries of the world with professionalism, it satisfies all functional requirements, enhancing its aesthetic taste.Collection of tables, chairs, desks and cabinets for schools, offices and public spaces. Chairs of different sizes and types. Adjustable chairs and benches to accompany the school journey from kindergarten to university. In addition, customizable cabinets and tilting benches that scrupulously comply with regulations and are subjected to numerous quality tests.
Okullar İçin Mobilya Üretici ve Satıcıları
We are a furniture manufacturer and dealer focusing on high-quality German products and sometimes on high quality products from Europe. In particular, we furnish furniture for schools, dormitories, workplaces or furniture for kindergarten facilities and offices. The importance of school equipment, furniture and teaching materials cannot be ignored for a successful and understandable course. With our first class processed and ergonomically designed furniture, students can sit, learn and work in the best position on school furniture. An inspiring and comfortable learning environment for knowledge and education is not decisive. German school furniture, suitable for the school success of young people and suitable for primary or higher classes tailored to the needs of students, is just as important as other factors. DOS furniture in the school furniture store in the field of upholstery and furniture of national and international standards.DOS - World Class German and International School Furniture : National and International Do you want to equip your company, office, community, nursing home, school, club or other object? We are both furniture manufacturers and furniture retailers with a focus on high quality German products. Of course, we also offer you very good European alternatives. Mainly we equip social and educational institutions, dormitories, businesses, offices and various objects. Thanks to our first-class processed and ergonomically shaped furniture , your employees or students work permanently healthier, more concentrated and thus more efficient. You, your employees and your customers will feel well looked after and comfortable in a room concept tailored to their needs ! We are your right contact for all wood, metal, Plastic or upholstered furniture. From the kindergarten chair to the management chair, the built- in wardrobes in your office, the wall unit in your school, the kitchen in your staff room, to the mattresses of your nursing home or hotel. It is our claim to design your rooms in such a way that you get the maximum benefit from them. Upon request, we will provide you with offers, including 3D room plans. We are happy to help you succeed in your projects as our references show.
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