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Italian Niji, present on the Italian market since 1985, is one of the leading importers of office, gift and school stationery. Product study and customization, make Niji Italiana an importer and distributor of primary importance in the complex world of stationery. Immediate availability of goods, assortment, after-sales service and special packaging care have contributed over the years to the success of its catalogs. Niji Italiana successfully distributes 1500 items and has developed several lines of branded products among which are: The Italian Niji covers an area of ​​7,000 square meters, has a large sampling room of 300 square meters where the customer is always welcome. In January 2012 it was incorporated into the company Lebez spa. Together they represent the most important group in Italy as importers in the stationery sector.VERSIONE ITALIANA Niji Italiana has established in 1985. It has been established in 1985. It has been established in 1985. Niji Italiana is specialized in gift, writing instruments, office, school and free time. Its main purpose is to offer products and services. Italian Niji offers to the customers a good and dynamic service. Its located in Correggio Reggio Emilia in the North part of Italy and it expands on 7.000 square meter between stock House and office, furthermore the company has a very nice showroom of 300 square meter where the customers are always welcome.
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About us - The FABRICA DE PAPETARIE company is a company with entirely Romanian capital, with experience in the field since 1994, having as main activity object the manufacture of stationery and office articles of the products and packaging of paper and cardboard, the edition of books, brochures and other publications, all after models of own conception. - Since its establishment, the PAPER FACTORY has sought to offer quality products and services and to have a flexible pricing policy, oriented to the needs of customers. - The PAPER FACTORY offer includes stationery and office items in more than 1500 items that come from own production, indigenous and from import. - The company FABRICA DE PAPETARIE can support you in your activity of supply and own consumption with the following products: - Paper products: copier paper, envelopes, self-adhesive labels, printer paper, paper rolls, registers, notepads, office notebooks, cubes, typewriters, business cards, photo paper, millimeter paper, colored paper, paper in formats big etc. - Organization and archiving: cardboard files, plastic files, cardboard maps, plastic maps and briefcases, plastic lids, bookcases, etc. - Packing and marking: adhesive tapes, markers, consumables, different products for packaging, etc. - Communication and presentation: flipchart, magnetic boards, cork boards, presentation maps, accessories for filing, etc. - School products: watercolors, crayons, pencils, colored pencils, brushes, pens, pens, notebooks, erasers, rulers and other accessories, feathers, backpacks etc. - Writing tools: pencils, mechanical pencils, proofreaders, pens, rollers, pens, text markers, etc. - Office accessories: paper cube with support, adhesive notes, staples, office computers, ink, CDs, DVDs, perforators, staples, staples, adhesive tape, indigo, glue, stamp for stamps, folders, paper trays documents, vertical supports for magazines, writing instruments, etc. - Promotional: calendars, calendars, greetings cards, plastic pens, metal pens, lighters, bags, USB sticks, external batteries, T-shirts, flags, flags, roll-up and pop-up banners, flyers, brochures, leaflets, etc. - Inspired by the need of the busy man, the respect for the quality and the desire to be able to offer more free time, our store offers the highest quality stationery, for the busy people, for the people who value the free time. - Our offer is and will be the result of the wishes of your requests and appreciations. - The attitude of the FACTORY is reflected by quality and diversity, by competitive prices and by the policy of our team to maintain a close connection with its customers.
Dolj / Romania Mail : comenzi@pintexim.ro Firma Detayı
LC 2 S.R.L.
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Founded in 1977 and resurrected from the ashes of a devastating fire in 1986, it has grown over the years with the enthusiasm and constant dedication of the owners and collaborators. LC2 is convinced that work, availability, flexibility and an effective service are indispensable and crucial to establish themselves in an increasingly difficult market. 13,000 paper and stationery items from the best brands in the sector in constant assortment and prompt delivery. More than 5000 customers who come to us every year to solve school-office needs. A welcoming sales point with constantly updated and renewed products. A group of internal collaborators prepared and always available to the customer with the aim of his satisfaction. An organized external sales network. All this causes LC2,
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" BLO " ... not a brand, an acronym, but a surname, deliberately kept in the current corporate name to guarantee the seriousness and professionalism of a company that in the person of Comm. Antonio Blo, since 1954 operates with satisfaction in the sector of supplies to medium-large organizations and companies. This activity continues today and evolves through the sons, Alessandro, Marcello and Roberta, who daily work in the company, supported by a valid and motivated team of collaborators. BLO Italia has also merged the ROBE brand , present on the market for over 20 years, with the intention of making available to customers a wide range of products for canteens and communities. MEETING YOUR NEEDS HOME WHO WE ARE CATALOG paramedical CONTACTS Our history " BLO " ... not a brand, an acronym, but a surname, deliberately kept in the current corporate name to guarantee the seriousness and professionalism of a company that in the person of Comm. Antonio Blo, since 1954 operates with satisfaction in the sector of supplies to medium-large organizations and companies. This activity continues today and evolves through the sons, Alessandro, Marcello and Roberta, who daily work in the company, supported by a valid and motivated team of collaborators. BLO Italia has also merged the ROBE brand , present on the market for over 20 years, with the intention of making available to customers a wide range of products for canteens and communities. What do we do How we operate Our warehouse For this reason BLO Italia can guarantee high efficiency starting from the receipt of orders, to desk-to-desk deliveries up to the compilation of statistics and analysis by cost centers. This range of services configures BLO Italia as an authentic partner always in tune with the interests of customers. The headquarters and the sales point located in Cormano, near the most important motorway junctions, is always supplied and allows urgent or special requests to be solved, guaranteeing swift deliveries by BLO Italia staff. The special attention given to customers has led BLO Italia to propose itself as an interesting Outsourcing solution for companies that intend not only to buy at the best price and quality, but to delegate the entire supply management to specialists in the sector; in this they are also supported by the fruitful partnership with important integrated logistics, present on the national territory.
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CIAC CIAC , for over 40 years alongside Italian stationers. CIAC , Consortium of Italian Articles, Stationery, was founded in 1975 with the aim of providing a modern, innovative, dynamic and impeccable service in the field of distribution of stationery, stationery and office items. From the beginning, the company's vision is clear: to form a group to have more contractual strength and aim for a distribution capable of covering the entire national territory. A winning and winning vision today that, in these forty years, has led many companies to believe with conviction in the CIAC project . In the early 1980s, CIAC developed an articulated line of products with its own brand, capable of combining excellent qualities, great creativity and a very affordable price, interesting for both partners and end customers. The company is now able to offer the most complete range of references to satisfy every need: office, school and free time, also thanks to the important co-marketing operations with other industry leaders,CARTOSHOP For over 20 years CIAC has created the CARTOSHOP circuit : the largest Italian stationery circuit determined to relaunch the role and activity of the stationer in a modern, effective and winning way. Today, CARTOSHOP includes the most important and dynamic Italian stationers, distributed throughout the national territory. The growing success of this circuit is to be found in the high quality of the school's commercial proposals. The best products, carefully selected, available in large quantities and with a vast assortment, throughout the school year ... not only in September! All this is accompanied by products dedicated to the office and to particular moments of the year, such as Christmas or spring. Products that, once again, offer the customer an absolutely exceptional quality / price ratio. COMPETENCE AND TEAMWORK 40 years of success are no accident! The choice to work together with highly specialized and competent partners has paid off and continues to give, day after day. IMAGINATION concreteness and experience are important, but so is knowing how to go beyond. "Listening" to those who choose us in their daily lives, we can imagine and anticipate future needs. And from there we start to innovate always. AMBITION the desire to do better and better brought us here. And we are only at the beginning of the journey. STATIONERY distributed throughout the national territory, with a vast assortment available at any time of the year. To satisfy every need offering quality and convenience.
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Helix has been making quality stationery products for over 130 years. Since launching in 1887, iconic Helix and Oxford products have helped many generations through their school life. Now part of the Maped group, Maped Helix produce a wide range of stationery for school, home and office.Helix was founded in 1887, its initial activity was the production of the wooden ruler 1894 Helix invents the modern drawing compass 1898 First export sales to Australia 1899 First 'plastic' type ruler produced 1912 First 'Maths Set' produced 1935 The Oxford brand was launched 1955 The Helix Universal Company Limited was formed 1959 Plastic moulding production started 1969 Helix International Limited formed 1975 Purchase of Dunn & Taylor Ltd. Cash boxes introduced. Shatter resistant ruler patent 1976 Establishment of Helix USA 1977 Purchase of Colonel Rubber Ltd. Eraser production started 1982 Threadless ring patent 1983 PVC free eraser first produced 1984 Helix Limited formed 1987 Helix 100 years old celebrated with a royal visit from HRH the princess of Wales 1988 BS5750 awarded 1990 Folding rule patent 1991 Angle measure registered design 1992 Compass safety point patent 1994 ISO 9002 accredited push button (cash boxes) introduced 1995 G03 compass registered design 2002 Establishment of Helix Hong Kong office 2004 Foldable black board equipment patent pending 2007 Craft with Helix range launched. Anti-tamper screw sharpener introduced 2007 Helix Technical launched. Helix fashion - tribe and splat range launched 2012 Helix becomes part of the Maped Group and the company changes its name to Helix Trading Ltd 2019 Today, Helix exports to over 65 countries with offices in the USA, Hong Kong and our UK Head Quarters in the West Midland
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Cartomarket is a wholesale shop for stationery, school and office products. Cartomarket offers direct access to its warehouse and point of sale, in a single location. Cartomarket offers the possibility of receiving quotes without commitment for any type of supply.
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A wide selection of plastic arts products for your toddlers More than 50 years of know-how , innovation and quality at the service of creativity "Manufacturer" and French distributor, our ODMP family company Wilalex has been established for more than 50 years in school and educational environments. The strong passion that drives us, is and will always be carried by the creative awakening of children. Our main informative resource is the listening that we carry every day to the key players for this purpose, the teachers. We are convinced that our first responsibility lies in our actions that lead to the satisfaction of our customers. That's why we strive every year to better meet the basic needs of creative development. In our company, colors illuminate our walls as they illuminate the eyes of our children. Each bottle of gouache that we propose, must respect your work. Each color we develop, must respect your human investment. Living with passion allows you to dream and dream in color to live with passion.
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Here is our new Internet catalog, revised, expanded and many prices lowered! We offer you a wealth of possibilities to pack, secure and transport your products cost-effectively and safely to your customers. Every article you find in this catalog is immediately available from us. Just take our word for it! OTTO F. PRAHL partner: Throughout Germany we have distribution partners, also close to you. Ask us! We look forward to a good cooperation and at the same time thank you for the trust you have placed in us - and now enjoy browsing ...our service OTTO F. PRAHL's primary goal is to satisfy you as a customer and business partner. Nevertheless, should an error occur, please contact us with confidence. We find an acceptable solution. OTTO F. PRAHL will be happy to advise you on your packaging problem in your own home. OTTO F. PRAHL plans for you! Rely on us! We make sure that you think about your reordering in good time. With our EDP we check and calculate your best order intervals and inform you about your stock. OTTO F. PRAHL repaired! In our own workshop, we have almost all spare parts and can fix defects on your devices quickly. We are also happy to supply spare parts for self-repair. OTTO F. PRAHL and Signode System GmbH, Dinslaken, the world's largest manufacturer of strapping systems, have been working together for 10 years. Since then we can also supply you with these devices and materials. Top-quality devices with 10-year repair cost-free with 100% material reference with us, testify in the present time of highest quality and reliability.
Hamburg / Germany Mail : info@prahlverpackung.de Firma Detayı
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Who we are Since 1976 wholesalers in the paper and stationery sector. Over the years, we have become a primary partner for the main stationery shops in Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta, thanks to a careful evaluation of quality, the price of the selected products and a modern and dynamic logistics structure. We offer a vast choice of over 15,000 items ranging from paper and stationery to computer accessories, from classic gift items to the latest school collections, to Christmas decorations, thanks to a two-storey store and a shipping warehouse, for a total over 2,500 square meters of surface.
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General terms and conditions Terms and Conditions Effective September 1, 2015 Introduction The wts.hu ( World Trade System Ltd. ) Warmly welcomes customers from you! If you wish to become a buyer or an active user of our webshop , please read our Terms and Conditions carefully and only use our services if you agree and agree to be bound by them. This document will not be filed, will be concluded only in electronic form, will not be retrievable and does not refer to a code of conduct. If you have any questions regarding the operation, ordering and delivery process of the webshop , please contact us at the given contact details!
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Mission, Vision & Values Strong values ​​for the future. The foundations of the company's success are the strategic orientation, the high performance of our employees and the achievement of our goals. For another successful path into the future, it is important to us that the entire team of the Pelikan Group has a common understanding of the company's goals. At the heart of this are our formulated guidelines for MISSION, VISION & VALUES. A common mission and vision as well as actively lived values ​​create a sense of belonging and purpose - and are the basis for the daily work inside and out. The guiding principles of the Pelikan Group and the lived corporate culture behind it connect us worldwide.vision We want to be a successful and profitable global branded consumer goods company. We have attractive products that our consumers love. We are an international family of talented and motivated employees who share a common vision and goals. mission Our famous brands are daily companions. We are an international company with German roots. We create with passion and experience products and solutions that meet the needs of our consumers. We want to create value for our shareholders and customers.
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