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İşte Selolit de odun hammaddeli lif levha (Duralit) imalatı yapmak gayesi ile ilk 1956 yılında İzmir’ de kurulmuş ve üretim faaliyetine 1958 senesinde başlamıştır. Tesis o güne kadar ağacın kereste elde edilen kısımları hariç olan ve Türkiye'de ancak yakacak olarak tüketilen kısımlarını sanayide değerlendirip mobilya üreticilerine malzeme olarak sunan ilk tesis olmuştur.

1963-1972 yılları arasında bir yenilenmeye tabi tutulmuş ve 1997 yılında da İzmir’ den Manisa Organize Sanayi Bölgesindeki yeni yerine taşınırken bu kez son teknolojiye uyum sağlanmış sofistike enstrümantasyon, PLC ve PC kumanda sistemli otomasyonu ile odun hammaddeli levha teknolojileri içinde en eskilerinden olan bir teknolojinin en mükemmel bir şekilde güncelleştirilmesi başarısına ulaşmıştır. Ve Selolit’ in bu teknolojik atılımları kesintisiz devam etmektedir.


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Since 1994, Sudoeste Paulista Madeiras has been dedicated to wood preservation, trade in shoring sticks and supply of preservation plants and reforestation services. From 2004 we started the production of prefabricated roofs in preserved wood and sawmill activities. We are located next to the Ribeirão do Sul Farm, in the municipality of Itapeva-SP, with whom we have a solid partnership. This gives us security in the supply of various raw materials, as well as significant logistical ease. Our Mission is to develop and market high quality products that combine safety and economy to our customers, without forgetting our social and ecological responsibility. Within this philosophy, we develop training programs for employees in the production process, constantly invest in the improvements necessary to meet customer needs and have the supervision of an engineer who specializes in supervising and conducting product quality. We are very proud that we have already contributed to the success of more than 2,000 clients by preserving a few million meters of treated wood in projects in the south, southeast and midwest of the country. We look forward to your partnership whatever the volume of your work or enterprise.
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Our spirit Reconcile TRADITION and MODERNITY of the profession The spirit of the "Ateliers du Lauragais" is driven by a desire to structure a dynamic team of competent professionals, around a tool of craftsmanship and performance, both quality and speed of execution, to meet the closer to the requirements of our customers. The artisanal size of our company offers real flexibility, as much by its versatility constantly updated, as by its extensive skills, both traditional and contemporary.our clients From the private individual to the professional Our books are aimed at a clientele mainly located in the OCCITANIA Pyrenees region, ranging from private individuals to professionals. Because of its recognized expertise, our company studies, designs, manufactures and installs tailor-made projects for both simple and complex projects. Our customers are: Public or private institutions The big enterprises The communities The details A craft company on a human scale Compared to industrial production, the artisanal size of our company offers real flexibility, both in terms of its constantly updated versatility and its extensive skills, both traditional and contemporary. Always listening to our customers, we make every effort to bring them complete satisfaction.
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When Mrs. Brigitte Grobe came across completely new cork processing options in 1992, looking for new patterns for her floor collection, she came up with a large number of products that can be made from this flexible and, above all, ecological material. "Industrial goods" such as coasters, etc. were purchased immediately. Likewise, the first cork (textile cork) - and just a year later she made herself and some companies in Germany and Portugal, the first models in the "Täschnerei" series. A little later it turned out that a silver jewelry company offered to process cork as a main element to jewelry. This resulted in a unique and successful collection that continues to grow in scope and variety. Ms. Grobe opened a shop in Meiningen in 1992, selling not only these novel articles but also cork floor coverings and the associated tools, adhesives and paints. The shop soon became too small, so in 1996 she moved to a bigger one in the city center of Meiningen. All along, many beautiful cork floors have been created in public and private households. After a luxury refurbishment of the shopping street and conversion to the pedestrian precinct, the turnover in the shop collapsed; it had to be closed. So it happened that Brigitte Grobe relocated the sale of her goods to the marketplaces in Germany. So she is, among other things, to be found on the Striezelmarkt in Dresden as well as the onion market in Weimar.
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Wooden products made of passion - from wooden cubes to wooden balls Wood is our life, that's why we make our wood products such as wooden balls, wooden figures and wooden cubes out of passion, because only so can really quality arise. Of course, the wood we use comes from strictly controlled ecological forestry and complies with the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR). From the wooden gyro to the playing cone - we fulfill every wish We manufacture for you from beech, maple and other special woods various products for children and adults. Happy also according to your wishes and ideas! Be it a memo holder or our popular pacifier chain clips, we set our high standards everywhere, in order to guarantee you consistently convincing quality.
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our master-run company has been in existence since june 2003. the production spectrum includes modern cnc parts production in wood / wood-based materials and plastics as well as classic construction and furniture joinery. We currently employ a total of 4 employees and generate an average annual turnover of between eur 300,000 and eur 400,000. our advanced woodworking company specializes mainly in wood-based panel and solid wood machining using cnc 4-axis technology and works primarily in serial wage production. We also have the know-how of plastic machining. three-dimensional objects are only part of our program to a limited extent. We also supply components as semi-finished and finished products for a wide range of industries. Upon request, we can refine these up to the high-end surface. Within our nationwide, in some cases international, business relations, we are also gladly included by our customers in product planning and prototype production up to series production reliability. since 2012, classic carpentry work has rounded off our portfolio. in this way, we also meet the wishes of the regular clientele of the former paternal company - the carpentry Reinhardt Körner. a small selection of well-known companies and brands, which belong to our customer base, are our reference: - Spring International GmbH - Winkhaus window and door fittings - MOIN Organic Baked Goods - ZEG Wood Saxony - flix buffet systems - La Selva delicatessen - Hobatex Holzwerkstoffe GmbH - Recticel International Bedding Systems - Davert Biogetreidewaren - Soleni Classic GmbH - Meyer Werft GmbH Papenburgund and many more
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How to make an order? We carry out wholesale supply of building materials to the city of Moscow and the Moscow region , Yaroslavl and Yaroslavl region, Ivanovo and Ivanovo region, Vladimir and Vladimir region, Nizhny Novgorod and Nizhny Novgorod region, Kostroma and Kostroma region and other regions of the Russian Federation. ( See all delivery regions ) We guarantee timely delivery of the entire range of our products, namely: dry planed whetstones , assorted dry planed boards, molded products , aspen lining and aspen shelves, production of log cabins from logs and much more.Lumber in bulk "Northern Forest" is a trading and manufacturing enterprise. We manufacture and sell quality lumber wholesale and retail. Harvesting of raw materials is carried out in strict agreement with the local forestry department: receiving and cutting down plots, further cleaning of garbage, household garbage, branches, high stumps, as well as measures are being taken to plant a new forest. Experienced teams of loggers produce felling, after which the forest is transported to a manufacturing enterprise and undergoes high-quality processing with modern equipment. We provide wholesale deliveries of softwood lumber to Moscow, the Moscow region and other central regions of Russia.Lumber from the manufacturer By purchasing lumber from us you get a number of advantages compared to other suppliers. Own capacities of the enterprise, full equipment, brigades of Russian lumberjacks and volumes of harvested raw materials for the production of lumber - give a guarantee of timely supply of lumber in bulk. An established logistics system allows you to produce large volumes of lumber for various purposes. We are ready with long-term reliable cooperation and trustful partnerships. We have a transparent and clean pricing policy. For regular customers we have a flexible system of discounts. Call the contact number and ask your questions.Next Planed dry beam Application and dimensions Planed dry beam Application and dimensions Planed dry timber is a ready-to-use sawn timber that differs from the edged sawn timber of natural moisture content GOST 8486 downward. Manufacturers make dry planed timber of various sizes. Dimensions vary in length and cross-sectional area. Who produces planed dry timber Production of planed timber is soon engaged in both large-scale production and small sawmills in the Kostroma region. In the Kostroma region there are a large number of woodworking enterprises. This is due to the fact that in our region there are a large number of deciduous and coniferous forests, in particular ...Dry planed board from 4 sides. Direct deliveries from the "Northern Forest" Kostroma ... Dry planed board is of great use in Russia. It is used as the main building material, as well as additional material in various fields of construction. Scope of dry boards To this day, in some households and suburban areas dry planed boards are used for the manufacture of fences and walling. During the construction of fences, the board can be mounted without gaps using the continuous method, or with air gaps of the same length when installing classic fences. The appearance of the product from a wooden board cannot be confused with anything. After all, wood has the nature of a beautiful stream ...All products presented on our website meet the highest European quality standards. The North Forest manufacturing enterprise is fully equipped with the necessary machinery and woodworking equipment for felling, transportation, wood processing and obtaining a large assortment of good quality lumber. The company’s warehouse has created optimal storage conditions for finished products. We are ready to provide the necessary volume of lumber to our customers. We carry out timely delivery of products to your warehouse, facility.
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Rockens woodworking is a young, high-quality and skilled company that focuses on designing, manufacturing furniture and custom woodwork. Are you looking for something that is not for sale, needs to be made to measure or do you want to realize your own design? Then contact Rockens Houtbewerking without obligation. We mainly work with unique products that are made entirely to your liking. On this website you will find all kinds of examples of furniture and customization that we have realized. It is only a small selection of the possibilities. We work for both individuals and companies.
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We offer a wide range of woodworking services. - Do you have an idea for great wood products, but you don't have the equipment or knowledge to make them? Contact us and we will implement your idea! We will design, prototype and select the packaging so that you can focus on the promotion and sale of your product. - Do you own a store where you sell wooden, ecological and natural products, and you want to offer those that you have invented yourself and sold them under your own brand? Write to us! - Do you deal with marketing and think about advertising your company or client in an original way? We will make all kinds of ecological advertising gadgets made of wood for you. - Would you like to give someone a unique and unique gift or souvenir? We will make it for you according to your project, which will reflect the character of the recipient. - Or maybe you have long dreamed of an object or a wooden ornament that you can't buy anywhere? You are in the right place, write or call and we will do it for you, according to your idea. We are for you. What makes us stand out? Flexibility: We are a small manufacture, we do what we do with passion. We are approached by people and companies who would like to implement their idea or project made of wood, but no plant wants to do it because of unprofitability . We understand this perfectly, we have been dealing with this problem since the beginning of our activity. We decided that it will be different with us - we even make individual pieces of ordered items. We respect every customer, regardless of the size of the order. Quality: We started the adventure with wood by creating wooden toys, which we continue. This is associated with great responsibility for the safety of children, which is why our toys are made very carefully, ensuring high quality. We apply this principle to every order, at every stage - starting from the quote, which always contains an accurate description and comprehensive information, by helping to clarify the order and completing the order. Knowledge: By introducing our toys to the market, we went through the entire process of creating a product: from the idea to taking product photos and placing them on the site. We devoted a lot of time to this and gained a lot of experience. Thanks to this, we have knowledge on the subject and are happy to share it. Your satisfaction is the most important for us. Range of services Production of wooden elements: - implementation of both small and large orders according to individual projects, - the production of wooden toys according to your project or based on our own - cutting all kinds of figures, shapes, plywood and wood (the most common use of oak, ash, maple and beech) - engraving on wood, creating logotypes, signs from wood, - we are able to make wooden handles, hangers, stands, basically the only limit is your imagination, - we offer various surface finish options (oil, wax, varnish, paint). Projects: - we can help in designing a given element / product, - we offer the possibility to design a product from the idea stage to the final ordering of the packaging and taking product photos (we recommend watching our projects). If you have an idea and do not know if we will be able to implement it? Contact us.
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In 1888, in the wasteland, near the village of Ivankovo, Norskii Volost, Yaroslavl Uyezd, on the territory of the currently operating wood processing complex "Paris Commune", the Burchikhinsky Chemical-Colorful Plant was built by the trading house of the sons of the merchant DUNAEV Vasily Nikolaevich. The company produced sulfuric and hydrochloric acids, vitriol, Dutch soot, copper paint, white lead and other paints. In documents relating to 1920, the former Dunayev plant is already referred to as sawmill No. I. By a resolution of the Presidium of the Yaroslavl Council of the National Economy of October 30, 1922, the sawmill No. I was given the name “Paris Commune” . In 2008, the company celebrated its 120th anniversary . PLYWOOD, ARMOR, LAMELLAS Today, the Paris Commune factory in Yaroslavl is engaged in the production and sale of birch plywood, bent glued furniture parts ( armor, lamellas ) from peeled veneer. In modern upholstered furniture, bent glued elastic elements, most often called lats, which are also called latoflexes or lamellas, are very common. Plate is produced on special equipment from birch or beech veneer. The main defects of bent glued elements are breakage or deformation, that is, loss of bending. Failure occurs when the permissible load is exceeded. Lata usually breaks in the middle. Deformation is a natural process of lat wear. The larger the number of lates installed, the less deformation of each. With deformation, the armor becomes straight or bends in the opposite direction. Problems are most often encountered in guest French folding beds with an awning and 4 armor. Due to the rare location in guest French folding beds, the load on each armor is higher. The armor cannot be repaired. In case of deformation or breakage, the armor is replaced. For the production of high quality products ( armor, lamellas ), our company uses birch fancier. The uniform structure and high mechanical strength indicators of birch wood fiber make it possible to obtain a strong smooth veneer with a thickness of 0.2 mm or more.
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