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Welcome to the web GRUAS PM, SL, a company located in Torrepacheco, since 1993. We are specialized in the assembly, maintenance, rental and sale of tower cranes. This website is a new commitment to new technologies to improve quality and speed up communication with our regular customers and with those who will be in the near future. Do not hesitate to ask us, we are sure you will not regret it. Faithful to our work philosophy, the result of many years of experience dedicated to the sector, our goal is always to offer the best product to our customers. Do not hesitate to ask us any questions you have, our professionals will attend you with maximum cordiality and speed. In these years of experience, GRUAS PM, SL has become one of the main referents of the sector in the area; Proof of this is the number of customers who have placed their trust in us. The main objective of GRUAS PM, SL is to always provide a quality service to our customers, with an exquisite personal treatment. Our services stand out for the speed of realization, efficiency, efficiency and quality.
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Founded in 1981 by Claude Ragot under the name of "Sellerie Ragot", the company has expanded its field of activity according to experience and technological innovations. Now run by Brigitte RAGOT, the Ragot Workshops are now specialized in general upholstery and offer a complete range of textile solutions. Applied to your outdoor spaces and your facilities, they are the fruit of a carefully preserved know-how and skills constantly updated.
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CO.ME.TRI.A. (Costruzioni Meccaniche for Trivellazioni e Affini) Srl was established in 1969 by separating the repair and construction department for drilling equipment from the Botti Elio Impresa drilling company. .The Botti Elio company, founded in 1948, operated in the field of drilling for methane wells in the Polesine and water wells in the Po Valley. It also built methane gas recompression stations and repaired the drilling equipment of other well construction companies. The experience gained in those years has allowed to start the construction, not only of Drilling Machines, but also of equipment designed specifically to solve the problems and needs that occur in the field of drilling and surveys. The collaboration between the two companies naturally continues and allows us to test and study the equipment by testing them first in our yards and adapting them to the specific needs of the customers. CO.ME.TRI.A. specializes in the construction of Drilling Machines, Drilling Machines, Duplex Piston Mud Pumps, Drilling Rods for Direct and Reverse Circulation, Rotary Tables, Winches, Automatic Keys, Single and Double Vices, Rotation Heads for Reverse Circulation , Special equipment to order.
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ABOUT US Petrind Srl was founded in 1989 by a team of experts, after many years of experience spent on the job sites; this is why we know how to support our customers. Our sales offices and warehouse are located in the center of Italy - in the middle of mediterranean area and here we stock materials and equipments for urgent needs. We represent some of the major u.s. manufacturers for equipment and products for drilling and production and we also have established during the years a preferred relationship with many manufacturers, which allows us to procure most of the material requested by drilling contractors and affiliates.
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Fabryka Urządzeń Dźwigowych SA has been continuously producing devices for various branches of industry and trade since 1898. FUD has its own production base and design office as well as many years of experience in the design, construction, delivery and assembly of lifting equipment. The company specializes mainly in the field of individual solutions, based on the extensive experience of the engineering staff resulting from cooperation with almost all industries over the decades. The area of ​​activity of FUD includes both small local companies and enterprises with global reach. FUD devices are characterized by a high level of customer confidence resulting from their reliability, durability and their importance in the processes carried out by the customer. FUD - technology and quality you can trust By 2012, the company had nearly 12,000 cranes and 550 cranes manufactured . In addition to the production of cranes and cranes, FUD also manufactures steel structures and provides a number of services: machining and heat treatment, designing the foundations of workshop cranes and crane tracks and crane tracks, as well as manufacturing crane subgrade and hoist tracks. The company provides and provides consulting services, prepares expert opinions, trains operators. In addition, it offers a full range of maintenance services and provides spare parts for manufactured devices. The direction of development in the company is determined by high quality, precision and safety.
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Company dedicated to the rental of cranes and construction machinery, transport services and roadside assistance, with more than 40 years of experience in the sector. Whatever your need, we can help you; We work in large dimensions and in small spaces. Counting on us, you will always have personalized assistance by the best qualified personnel, telephone and personally. Count on the unbeatable quality of all our work.Grúas Correa was founded in 1968, has been offering rental services for cranes, machinery and transport of goods by road since its inception. The values ​​that have led us to stay in a preferred position are the tradition, in our case, a tradition of quality service and modernity implanted in our facilities.
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Thistle Group (Thistle Marine) is a Scottish company established in 1978. The company has a very close association with the commercial marine fishing and offshore oil & gas industry and operates its services on an international scale. Thistle Group operates three specialist business streams covering all aspects of the industry, Thistle Marine, Thistle Hydraulic Solutions and Thistle Design & Engineering. Thistle Groups strength lie in its ability to conceptualise and then engineer an appropriate solution within budget and on schedule. Since its formation, Thistle Group has consistently provided a service that delivers maximum value to the fishing, aquaculture and oil & gas industry. Thistle Group: Thistle Marine, Thistle Hydraulic Solutions and Thistle Design & Engineering work as a professional skilled “workforce” and provide a comprehensive team of specialists with a proven capability and industry knowledge to undertake the most demanding of projects on and offshore.
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WELCOME TO HAROLD POTTER Harold Potter Ltd is one of the country’s leading heavy lifting equipment and overhead crane specialists. We stock and sell a wide variety of new & used overhead travelling cranes, goliath & semi goliath cranes, swing jibs, electric chain hoists. We also do overhead crane servicing, repairs, maintenance, installations, modifications and removals of lifting systems and are industry renowned overhead crane specialists.
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ABOUT US Behind EUROGRU'S protected trademark lies 50 years of experience in the field of crane design and manufacturing. Our production line covers the entire medium capacity market and meets all the demands of the building and prefab construction industries. Characteristic of Eurogru's development work is the improvement of the design principles of existing crane types as well as new development of construction cranes. Since 2001 the company has positioned itself more and more toward the international market with focus on Europe and the Russian-speaking regions. EUROGRU has sales partners located in Ireland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Finland, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Kasachstan and Turkey.
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If this is even one person to utilize our products, this is our greatest benefit!.. Our company, who serves leading organizations in our country, improves continuously with it specialist team and its experiance over 30 years. We try follow up high technology closely, and to enhance our product and service quality more in this improvement process. We, as Tisan, listen to you carefully from project stage to manufacture stage and serve you completely. Furtermore, we monitor our produced work machines closely, and we know that we are responsible for foreseeing any posible troubles and producing early solutions.
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COMETE INDUSTRIE : SPECIALIST FOR SPECIFIC HANDLING SOLUTIONS. Based closed to Lyon, on an 10 000 m² industrial site, COMETE has more than 45 years of feedback in the heavy and risky handlings. Present on high-tech domains such as aerospace, nuclear industry, railways (transfer cars, turntables, boggie lifting devices), environment (wastewater, household waste), COMETE assists its clients in order to find the solution that matches the best their needs in the respect of time and budget requirements.1970 Creation of the company M. PEDRINIS creates the company COMETE (COnstruction MEtallique et TEchnique) at VILLETTE D'ANTHON. From the beginning, COMETE specialize in the design and manufacture of handling and lifting equipment.
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INDUSTRIAL MOVEMENTS DE GROOTE NV Maurice De Groote is the founder of the successful company De Groote nv. We are a powerful and flexible family business that, thanks to its diversity and logistics, is still growing. We specialize in the worldwide relocation of machines, the rental of cranes, exceptional transport, industrial demolition work and breakdown. Together with our motivated employees, we are available 24 hours a day, for 40 years, for our customers, who always come first.DE GROOTE INDUSTRIAL MOVERS
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