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A BRIEF INTRODUCTION to Carbonation Techniques Ltd and what we do Carbonation Techniques Ltd is a family-run business with over 45 years of experience in the bottling and brewing industry. We supply new, used and reconditioned equipment, engineering services with full technical support, and advice to our customers. We manufacture carbonating and premix machines, which will carbonate a vast range of products including water, cider, beer, wine, alcopops and soft drinks. These machines are manufactured to CE standards and to customer required specifications. Numerous bespoke machines have now been installed across the UK, Ireland, Europe and Internationally. We also offer a variety of services from complete bottling lines and complete keg filling lines to spare parts with a full aftercare service. References are always available upon request. For more information on the products we offer or to discuss your requirements, contact us today.
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Pure natural fruit juice drinks ROYAL BERRY is a fruit juice drink made from handpicked fruits, mostly grown on their own fields. from the fresh berry juice with high quality berries only natural ingredients without sugar and without the addition of preservatives without chemical additives unique flavors Preservation of the beneficial ingredients by cold juicing merely flash pasteurized thereby no destruction of the organoleptic properties IFS certified production manufactured according to IFS, HACCP and ISO 9001/22000 standards.about us Edvark Ltd. is a small, privately owned company founded by a group of scientists and researchers in nutrition and dietology. It was established in 2005 as a branch of a pharmaceutical company with experience of more than 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry. With the scientific basis of the parent company and our knowledge in the field of nutrition, we develop natural and healthy food.
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About us History Our first store AsterX Dranken was opened in Rumst in March 2015 and originated from the wine merchant De Wijnboeren, which in turn had been active for almost 15 years with the import and sale of South African wines. Yet our history goes back much further because the Devrieze-AsterX group, known from the former DIY store, has been around for almost 60 years now. Our first experiences in sales date back to 1959. The activities of De Wijnboeren grew year after year, so in 2014 we decided to offer wines and spirits from around the world with professional advice. The next step was therefore a store tailored to private individuals. We chose to significantly broaden the range and so we grew into a real beverage trade. In addition, we continue to distinguish ourselves with both extensive wine knowledge and good service. Our mission Your visit deserves our attention You will quickly feel at home in our family atmosphere As a team we guarantee personal guidance Giving you customer-friendly service is our goal Our motivated employees are happy to give you professional advice We appreciate your opinion At AsterX Dranken you can choose from a very extensive range of beers, wines, spirits, waters and soft drinks. From our wine past we have built a great expertise to deliver on festivals , events large and small. If you are looking for a beverage supplier who wants to make your business a success together with you as a catering business , we would be happy to visit you personally to discuss all the options together. Do you dream of having your own restaurant or café? Or are you looking for a buyer for your catering business? AsterX Dranken also invests in hospitality real estate .
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First people came into the valley where vineyard is located and began to occupy themselves with farming around 60.000 years ago. This fact is witnessed by cave drawings of mountain El Monte Arabí de Yecla, which is near the vineyard and is considered to be the property of mankind and is protected by UNESCO. Therefore, each bottle of wine from CASA GRAS is decorated with a copy of cave drawing of mountain goat from the mountain of El Monte Arabí de Yecla as a symbol of historical heritage of old traditions and art. Later, in the period of the Great Roman Empire, wine was produced in this valley. Several wine cellars with remnants of wine vessels were found here during the excavations. Therefore, the location inherited long-standing historical traditions of this wine-making place. In the heyday of the Spanish Empire this spot was a busy trade route from the coast to the central part of Spain. In our territory there was a well-known place for the trade of spices, which generated the greatest income in trade during those times. Since then, on all maps to the present, it is designated as CASA DE LAS ESPECIAS. In 1846, Don Gras bought a ticket for the state lottery of Spain. His ticket was among the winning. With the money he gained, he bought the land and created vineyards here to make wine. Since then, the modern history of winemaking in these lands began. Wine from the vineyard of fortunate Don Gras is still considered to be bringing luck. That’s why his name became the trademarks of our winery, Casa Gras and Don Gras.
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Fruit kefir is a sparkling drink from the Caucasus. We produce it by hand, near Lille, in the north, with quality products, organic and regional, without additives or preservatives, without any animal products.Some consume the fruit kefir for its many benefits, others want a sparkling drink that is natural and low in sugar. An excellent alternative to sodas, lemonades and industrial drinks. Fruit kefir contains less than 2% sugar, compared to more than 10% for fruit juice and soda. Contact me for more information on products, buy fruit kefir, offer my products in your business, get an estimate for an event, organize a meeting or workshop
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THE SAGARNO STOREHOUSE AND ITS MANUFACTURING M aster craftsman cider maker, Dominic LAGADEC follows a very specific method to develop his craft SAGARNO, literally apple wine. He is called the "Cellar Master". Our ciderhouse has a production capacity of about 26,415 gallons. The kupelas (lightning) are maintained at a temperature of 53.6 ° F for an optimal preservation of aromas and the typical beaded Sagarno. They are made with a capacity of 790 to 2.640 gallons. Unique in the Basque Country, the ciderhouse has the distinction of being opened to guests during Txotx. In Txopinondo, the "Master of Chai" opens the table with the dishes you have chosen: TXOTX! OUR VALUES A SOBER LIFESTYLE AND NATURAL A SOBER LIFESTYLE AND NATURAL For your relaxation, we invite you to explore our sense of hospitality and let yourself be immersed by the originality of our Basque cider. With over 15 years' experience, you will have the opportunity to stay in one of your favorite memories. All of our products are produced without adding preservatives or coloring. RESPECT FOR OUR LOCAL ENVIRONMENT Our offer is the product of our local ancient culture and this environment. Through our productions we invite you to discover the soul of the Basque Country. We are proud to share our local conditions and you reveal flavors and uses. Being smuggler is part of our reason for being.TASTE OF INNOVATION In Txopinondo we are very attentive to changing needs. The winemaking innovation, digital communication techniques are part of our business, our team is really rooted in life. Our offer is constantly renewed. If you want to stay in touch with us, visit our social networks.
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ABOUT OUR ORGANISATION Our ambition is for Jet Import to play a trendsetting role in the world of premium beverages and healthy snacks as an independent distributor in the Benelux area. The flexibility of our organisational structure, the drive of our sales team and our sales-driven marketing approach are the defining factors behind our successful brand strategy. We look forward to collaborating with you in launching innovative, new trends and responding optimally to developments on the market and fulfilling the demands of your target group. The story behind us.JOBS AT JET IMPORT Jet Import remains a company with a constant drive for expansion. It goes without saying that the words that best describe our approach are high-quality, progressive, high-performance and daring: an approach that demands a great deal of flexibility and passion from our employees. Regardless of the position for which you are applying, you can be assured of working in a professional environment that is simply bursting with energy. Thanks to our presence in a diversity of markets, we can offer you plenty of opportunities that will kindle your entrepreneurial spirit. Besides an attractive salary, you can count on an extensive package of perquisites and the chance to have significant impact on the entire brand launching process. View our jobs
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We are Sicilians who love their land, we try to contribute to the spread and promotion of Sicilian food and wine culture, with original content and web marketing strategies that give visibility to the cellars. Winery Tasting Sicily was created to promote wine tourism in Sicily through the knowledge of the wine produced by Sicilian wineries and advises where to taste good wine, from restaurants to wine bars. The portal offers the possibility of booking tours of tastings and hospitality in Sicilian wineries, to experience a unique stay on our island. The viticultural territory of Sicily also includes the Aeolian Islands and Pantelleria. The area planted with vines is among the largest in Italy. The territory of Sicily is hilly for about 60%, 25% mountainous and flat for the remaining 15%. The viticulture of Sicily, in the last twenty years has made much progress, obtaining unthinkable results in the wine sector. The structure of the Sicilian wines, due both to the type of vines and to the pedoclimatic environment, accompanied by the qualitative improvement and the refinement of the oenological techniques, has rewarded the products especially on foreign markets. Winery Tasting Sicily the portal of Enoturismo in Sicily.Winery Tasting Sicily was born to promote wine tourism in Sicily through the knowledge of wine produced by Sicilian wineries, we recommend where to taste good wine.
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Drop an Italian reality, born more than 20 years ago in the heart of Tuscany, to quench the thirst of customers all over the world.My idea comes from a dream: to give people a smile. Not a simple smile, but the smile that comes naturally when we have finished drinking or eating something good, something that satisfies us and makes us happy. My motto has always been " Nature quenches thirst!" ". This is because I've always wanted to use natural raw materials of great quality, searching for those unique flavors and fragrances that only nature can give us. I spent my life creating recipes, experimenting and trying to improve my products every day. Speaking with customers, hundreds of personalized recipes have been developed on the uses and customs of the sales countries. The ability to collect new products has always been a great strength. Drop is for the customer a reliable partner and its best consultant: we have never set ourselves as simple suppliers but we have always dialogued with our distributors to try to understand what the real needs of the end consumer were. This policy, however tiring and demanding, has led to slow but steady growth over time. Today Drop is a company present on several international markets: America, Europe and Asia. We use raw materials and Italian fruit except for the exotic tastes that do not grow in Italy. Great attention to quality and details is what sets us apart on the market. The artisan care of the processing of the products, combined with modern technology allow us to guarantee constant supplies. Production takes place completely automatically from the processing of the raw materials to the final bottling phase, which takes place in a nitrogen-protected atmosphere. All packages are food and paraben-free (BPA Free) certificates, therefore also suitable for children. All our products are: 1. gluten-free 2. without GMOs (genetically modified organisms) 3. without palm oil Hi, my name is Massimiliano Marconi and I founded this company in 1998. Torna inizio pagina
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Prepared with all the goodness of milk from 260 local farmers. You can taste it! Looking for a private label producer as a retailer? Looking for a food company? Discover how we can be your partner producer of dairy specialties.We are there for you every day, as a private label producer for retailers and as a dairy specialist for food companies with their own brands We hold very close to 4 promises to our customers. Fresh milk collection every day from 260 local farmers 80% of our fresh milk comes from cows that live and graze daily in the pasture from spring to autumn. That guarantees better quality milk and more taste. The collection of fresh milk from local farmers is done 365 days a year.Quality and food safety are at the top Quality and food safety are absolute and unconditional top priorities for The Dairy Food Group, whereby all companies comply with all applicable legal & HACCP standards. All production units are also BRC and IFS certified, through unannounced audit audits. That way we can always meet all the quality requirements of our customers for private label products. We produce a number of products that are certified organic under the European BIO label. Flexibility for thorough customization With our state-of-the-art production units and our well-trained people , we offer flexible, tailor-made solutions in a cost-efficient manner . Customization in recipes and packaging formats. Flexibility in volumes and assortments. Fresh (cooled) products with a short shelf life and long-life products (cooled or outside cooling).Innovative with its own pilot production line An experienced R&D team follows the trends in food in general and specifically in dairy and dairy alternatives. She constantly creates and develops new recipes and new products. This happens whether or not in co-creation with our clients, private label buyers in dairy and dairy alternatives, and food companies. Having your own pilot plant makes it possible to work quickly and result-oriented. Do you have a very specific wish?
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For more than 10 years, we have been offering our customers the best products for the fermentation and aging of their wines, in order to help them achieve a finesse and elegance that allows them to put more value on them. Our goal is to look around the world and put at your disposal the best products in terms of barrels, fudres, vats, vessels, etc ... and all its accessories, informing them of the benefits of each one of them so that they can choose the ones that They better adapt to the wine philosophy they want to achieve. We make available to our clients our experience in international trade to find the best suppliers for them, choosing the ones that best suit our business philosophy in terms of finding the best quality in their corresponding sector, with competitive prices, and a total seriousness in the agreements taken, to serve our clients with the diligence they deserve.
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Slavnaya water is a leading product from a manufacturer of drinking natural water. High quality, well-coordinated work of the entire technological process from source to bottling, customer service, prompt transportation by our own delivery service, guarantees for special equipment for 19-liter bottles and small tanks allow us to occupy a confident position in the market. If you appreciate the naturalness of the natural composition of water - then we have something to offer you! The first 19-liter bottle of Slavnaya drinking water was bottled on July 29, 2009, but the birthday of the brand product can rightfully be considered August 31, 2011, when the brand was acquired by the new owner. Achievements. With the advent of a new leader, the organization has its own fleet, the production system has been improved, the latest world-wide patented technologies have been introduced, based on the successful experience of the leading manufacturing companies in this segment. Having taken all the achievements of previous years, for a year of active activity the company significantly raised the level of services rendered. Due to the changes that have occurred, the brand has earned the trust of consumers, firmly occupying its niche in this market. And a year later she was awarded the title “Brand of the Year” at the professional competition of successful projects. The Glorious policy is based on the achievement of the main goal - to make the product affordable and in demand for all segments of the population. Therefore, the company laid the following principles with the foundation of its activities. Quality. We guarantee high quality, which is confirmed by the strictest laboratory control at all stages of production. Since there is no interference in the structure and chemical formula of water, Slavnaya water retains a natural, balanced composition of trace elements, remaining natural drinking water with a natural taste. The maximum shelf life of our products in closed condition is 470 days - non-carbonated, 540 - carbonated. Reasonable prices. We adhere to a pricing policy that allows us to create an individual price for each category of the population and at the same time provide income from our activities. The costs brought to the minimum due to work exclusively on our own, by transport, without involving third-party services, allow us to achieve the minimum cost of the product. Discounts and promotions. The affordable price of our product does not exclude the possibility of receiving a pleasant bonus. We additionally developed a flexible system of discounts for certain social groups (large families, disabled people, war veterans, etc.), regular partners. Service. We are proud of the high level of service. “Glorious” studies the needs of its regular and potential customers. Having your own fleet of vehicles allows you to deliver any order on time. Delivery is carried out in Minsk and in the regions. There is the possibility of self-delivery of water. We help in the selection and installation of all additional equipment, provide services for its warranty and post-warranty service. We regularly update the range of related products.
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