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1992 yılında kurulmuş olan firmamız anahtarlık, rozet, madalyon, bijuteri malzemeleri , logoya göre üretimde profesyonel , deneyimli bir üretim yapmaktadır. Eminönü’nde satış mağazamızda genelde stoklu ürünlerimiz mevcut olup Türkiye genelinde önemli bir pazarlama payına sahiptir. Türk bayrağı , atatürk , Siyasi parti rozetleri ve anahtarlıklarında stoklu çalışan tek firmadır.

Üretim alt yapısı ve makine parkuru oldukça zengindir. Fabrikamız üretim olarak tam teşekküllü bir kuruluştur. Firmamız tecrübeli ve dinamik kadrosu ile müşterilerine en iyi hizmeti vermektedir. Öncelik olarak müşteri memnuniyeti dikkate alınarak üretim yapılmaktadır.

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Moda Park Avm
Hediyelik Eşya ve Promasyon eşya Üreticileri ile Satıcıları

modaparkavm Bir Milyoncu hediyelik Online Alış Veriş Sitesi

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Esen Park Avm
Hediyelik Eşya ve Promasyon eşya Üreticileri ile Satıcıları

Esen Park Avm Miliyoncu Mağazaları için Online Alış Veriş Sitesi

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24 yıllık tecrübe ve profesyonellik. Kaligrafi ile davetiye zarfı, bayilik belgesi, katılım belgesi, şiir ve beyit yazımı, davetiye-logo-amblem tasarımı ve baskısı, ebru üzerine söz-şiir yazımı, sanatsal plaket, kaligrafik sihirli kupa hizmetlerimiz mevcuttur. Türkçe Hilye-i Şerif / Esma-ül Hüsna/ Anahtar Besmele/ İstiklal Marşı ve 500 e yakın özgün-tescilli latin hattı eseri. Anlaşılırsa "yerinde hizmet" verilir. Kongre ve toplantılarda kaligrafi-ebru showu yapılır. Gider pusulasıyla belgelendirilir. İstanbul dışına kargo ile hizmet verilir.
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Welcome to publiregalos.com, a leading company in the sector with more than 30 years of experience leading its customers. Our daily goal is to provide the best possible service at the most competitive price, so we have great professionals that make thousands of customers still trust us today. Due to the importance and impact that the advertising gift has in the marketing of your business, do not hesitate to put yourself in the hands of professionals to solve your needs. We also have the best technology of the moment for the marking of your products in screen printing, pad printing, digital printing, laser, embroidery ... Our company is backed by professionals who were pioneers of the sector and who today contribute their experience and the best portfolio of manufacturers that only the work of many years can give, combining all this with a technical team formed in the new information technologies , to get update an offer in constant renewal. In addition, our experience in the sector has allowed us to identify the fundamental needs of our clients and place ourselves in a leading position within the sector, always offering our highest professionalism and quality in the world of advertising gifts. But a catalog so extensive and competitive, it is only practical, if you have easy access and put at your disposal, a fast and efficient way to find what you are looking for, know its features and its price instantly. These were the fundamental principles that led us to create publiregalos.com
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Spark Marketing Entertainment is an independent and international music and entertainment consultancy providing tailor-made one-stop solutions for its clients since 2004. We understand our clients’ needs and how to help them to do things faster, better and more cost-effectively. At Spark we have unparalleled music and entertainment contacts and the experience to provide support to leading brands and advertising agencies. We are very proud to work with fantastic brands and agencies and most of our new business comes from recommendations.Spark is passionately impartial, so everything we do is in the best interests of our customers Spark is an independent company and offers access to the entire music and entertainment industries Spark is devoted to providing the best, most cost effective and most creative service available Spark will always be able to negotiate a better deal for brands with record companies, artists, celebrities, rights owners and music publishers
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Remember to those who do not know already that Thais have the chance to be a people of very skilled people and whose patience allows for complex work. Unlike our Western civilizations they still know how to give time to things to get closer to perfection. There is a particular satisfaction to create an object in the hand. At home, we continue with this tradition and we have a motto that there is no substitute for quality. It is a great source of satisfaction to see the new products take shape and to see the skill and pride of everyone involved. For 30 years we have been working on this collection of miniatures. Today, it is unique in the world because of its complexity and exceptional quality. I take this opportunity to thank all our partners and Thai and French employees who each at his level by his efforts and his hard work participates in this success. I would also like to take the opportunity to add a word of thanks to all our customers, both those who know us from the beginning and those who have arrived more recently. We are well aware that it is your sales that have allowed us to progress and we take the opportunity to ensure that we remain committed to the quality of our products, price competitiveness and service to our customers.
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Promotional gifts PROMOTIONAL GIFTS AND PROMOTIONAL ITEMS IN THE TBTB SHOP At TBTB Relatiegeschenken you have a huge selection of Promotional gifts and promotional material at your disposal In our online shop you have access to a wide range of innovative and original promotional gifts, fine and high-quality promotional material and many classic premiums such as pens, balloons, lighters or notebooks. Whether you want new customers or thank them for their loyalty or want to show their gratitude to business partners - at TBTB Relatiegeschenken you will find the ideal advertising gift. We regularly include the newest products in the promotional product industry in our range, so that you will always find the perfect promotional product in the TBTB online shop - regardless of the occasion. YOU CAN ORDER PERSONALIZED PROMOTIONAL GIFTS FROM US. You can find the most original personalized promotional gifts here. Printed with your own logo! Unique Designs. Handmade with love. promotional gifts with logo and / or text. A personalized promotional gift always works well for any occasion. We have more than 15,000 promotional gifts where you can add a logo or text. Our range varies enormously so there is a nice personalized promotional gift for everyone! So quickly view our range. SUSTAINABILITY WITH TBTB RELATION GIFTS For us, taking people and the environment into account is not something that we see as a problem; we see it as a responsibility. We share the values ​​that people have for the world around them and we are committed to taking sustainability seriously. View our sustainable promotional gifts It is not about talking but about being sustainable. WHY USE PROMOTIONAL ITEMS? The role of the giveaway promotion is often underestimated and yet these promotional items can strengthen a business relationship. These do not have to be expensive. The deciding factor is much more decisive. Even a small gift will make customers and business partners happy and that is exactly what matters. So the partner does not feel neglected and the advertising clutter is stirred for the relevant company. If you give something away, you will remember it and possibly secure follow-up orders. This is how the small gift becomes the big winner. Promotional items play an important role in the business world. Almost no company can do without attractive gifts and the past has shown that the success of these gifts is good for companies. Sony-RelatiegeschenkenRijksoverheid-relatiegeschenkenPolitie-relatiegeschenkenAmels-Damen RelatiegeschenkenEVBox-relatiegeschenkenAMC promotional giftsIntel promotional giftsSony promotional giftsCentral government promotional giftsPolice promotional giftsAmels-Damen Promotional GiftsEVBox promotional giftsAMC-relatiegeschenkenIntel-relatiegeschenkenSony-RelatiegeschenkenRijksoverheid-relatiegeschenkenPolitie-relatiegeschenken PrevNext
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About us Simply Dutch is a webshop with the most beautiful Dutch brands. All brands of Simply Dutch have one thing in common, they are designed in the Netherlands, because the Dutch design is the basis of Simply Dutch. We would like to give the style of Simply Dutch on the basis of the following words: hip, fashionable, sporty, classical, opinionated, eccentric, colorful, and above all qualitatively very good. Simply Dutch was founded in 2009 and in February 2010, Simply Dutch presented itself at the Nine Month Fair in the RAI in Amsterdam. The web shop www.simplydutch.com also opened at the end of February 2010 and since then Simply Dutch has been sending orders both at home and abroad. The webshop was initially primarily aimed at children, hence the slogan "Dutch brands for kids". But in the meantime the webshop has been expanded to include bags, cosmetics, school and office supplies and living. In addition, Simply Dutch has a real kiosk with greeting cards, the most beautiful picture and youth books, stamps and gadgets, but also a souvenir shop with real Dutch souvenirs. Of course we still have enough wonderful products for children such as children's clothing, baby products and toys. And is your Dutch brand not listed? We are of course always curious. Send an email to info@simplydutch.com . Who knows, your Dutch brand will soon be among them. Special data for Si
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About us Hello! We are FrikiNow , a young and very dynamic start-up company born in Zaragoza. In our online store you can buy products ( cups, blankets, totebags, badges, cushions ) decorated by our designers with the most current geeks and trending themes of the moment. GeekNow means passion for geek. Each of our designs is created with care and from the perspective of our own customers. For example, our designer focused on Game of Thrones is a great lover of the series, just like you! therefore every wink, every joke or every phrase in the series is widely recognized by its fans in our products. We also have an online editor where you can modify the selected design slightly and even add texts, photos or any dedication to the recipient. Making your gift even more special and personalized. We work to guarantee you: maximum quality at an ideal price excellent service to produce exactly what we have promised you personalized attention, if you need any particular detail or design tell us The materials we use are of high quality, and we use the latest printing techniques on the market. Little by little we will be adding more products to the catalog. We want you to tell us what designs you miss or what themes of series, movies, video games, etc., should be on FrikiNow. We are committed to developing and promoting your requests, as we look for an outstanding web of gifts for geeks. We want you to smile every time you receive a FrikiNow product, see you
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Abalo Advertising | Online store for advertising and merchandising claims We have in our online store an extensive catalog of advertising claims and merchandising for events. In addition we can also offer you all the work clothes and clothing that you need in your company. All our product catalog is fully customizable. In Abalopublicidad.com we have all the necessary machinery so that our clients can add to their orders the marking, screen printing, digital printing, pad printing, embroidery and laser recording necessary to customize their purchases one hundred percent. Shipping throughout Spain.
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