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Valette, an exceptional foie gras, local products A Passion, a Terroir, a Family ... since 1920 Our love for gastronomy was born more than 95 years ago in St-Clair, a small village located in Quercy-Périgord. For us, the kitchen is that of the heart: an authentic, generous cuisine, inspired by recipes from our ancestors and sublimating quality ingredients such as foie gras and black truffle from Périgord . Ready meals, starters, desserts As eternal gourmands, our talent and know-how are also expressed in the creation of culinary specialties full of audacity and originality. Because every moment must be synonymous with pleasure but also simplicity, discover our specialties cooked in Périgord. Gourmet meals already ready that will plunge you into the flavors of the Southwest. But also entries or desserts that you will only have to share with family or friends ... simply. Wine, aperitif, delicatessen and basket garnished And for the side too, the Maison Valette has thought of everything: from aperitif to wine through the delicatessen of Périgord. Everything has been selected and cooked for your pleasure. An irreproachable quality is at the rendezvous throughout our catalog. Choose your eyes closed, you will necessarily make the right choice! And if you are looking for a gourmet gift, discover the baskets and boxes of local products: offer without being wrong it is possible!
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Serving producers and the quality of products. Since its creation, the General Agricultural Competition has rewarded and promoted the best products of the French soil by awarding each year gold, silver or bronze medals. It encourages producers, supports their economic development, contributes to the training of future professionals and provides consumers with benchmarks to help them in their choice.The General Agricultural Competition Committed for more than 150 years. The General Agricultural Competition aims to encourage producers involved in excellence , to support the economic development of their production sectors, to make an active contribution to the training of future professionals in the sector and, more generally, to promote to consumers, quality food from French agriculture and livestock farming.
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Since 1954 ... Germany is not only conveniently located in the heart of Europe, but above all it is known for the very high quality standards. We are proud to say that the quality of BURAM honey not only meets the very high legal minimum requirements, but far exceeds that. Especially in recent years, the product range has been steadily expanded. In addition to pine and blossom honey, you will also find the following products on the shelves of the supermarkets: BIO - blossom honey, acacia honey, chestnut honey, linden honey, thyme honey, honey honey, bee pollen and royal jelly. In addition to its core business and the distribution of honey in various packaging sizes, Buram GmbH understands itself as a wholesaler in the honey market thanks to its strong growth. The Buram brand has evolved from being a small family business into a large international company, but has always remained faithful to its philosophy.Honey gives health! A few years ago, we also started delivering honey to Canada, the US, the Middle East and Asian countries. With these honey products bearing the Denomination of Origin "Made in Germany", our market share increases every day. Honey gives health. As Buram GmbH, which continues its development every day, we assume this statement and have therefore also added to our products, honey-containing nutritional supplements. These excellent nutritional supplement products include, for example, royal jelly, pollen, propolis, panax and black cumin seeds, which have been known for centuries as a panacea for many diseases. Our motto is 'From nature to your dining table'. We remain true to this motto and strive to secure our place on your dining tables by always offering our customers new products that comply with German and EU standards.
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Who Are We? We are beekeepers who provide you honeydew honey, collated with secretion of basra insects from Calabrian Pine Forests and exceptionally beautiful, rich flora of İZMİR Peninsula. The Story of Pine Honey In Seferihisar and Menderes regions with their unique nature in İZMİR Peninsula, we work with respect to natural cycle of bees by not imposing production stress in order to get limited quantity of honeydew honey, which is manufactured by 4 manufacturers, with over 20 years of experience and HONEST Beekeeping Principle. HISTORY OF HONEYDEW HONEY The greatest present of Peninsula for us is Marchalina Hellenica! Or, the way we call it Basra Insect. It is seen only in Aegean Coats (90% in Turkey and the rest is in our neighbour Greek Islands) in the World. They run wild on branches of Calabrian pines between August – October. These insects wrap pine branches with snow-white cottons and absorb sap of pine. Their only nutrition source is this sap. About 80% of pine sap is carbohydrate, 20% of it is protein. Basra insect uses the protein for its own nourishment, secretes the carbon hydrate compound. Bees devour this carbohydrate containing particles, cause them to change in their bodies with enzymes and store them in honeycombs in hives. Sap of a pine tree is refined in two different kinds of insects and then offered to us. NOT PASTEURISED, BUT CRUDE HONEY! Pasteurisation causes enzymes and beneficial compounds in honey to vanish. We, as More Apiculture, put our honey in jars without damaging enzymes, proteins, vitamins and antioxidant materials in it, get it to you, the real owners of bee, at its most curative situation. WE MAKE BOUTIQUE MANUFACTURING We, as More Apiculture manufacturers, do not blend honeys that we acquire. We offer you honey of our each colony from different locations as crude honey, by preserving the origin of the region completely. We need beekeeping to be done under the light of science, together, hand in hand and with common sense will, not with rituals inherited by fathers or forefathers. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HONEYDEW HONEY AND FLOWER HONEY? The most important property of honeydew honey is that it can be kept for a long time without losing its texture and not being crystallised. Colour of honeydew honey is darker than that of flower honey. Sensorial properties of honeydew honey are different from those of flower honey. Honeydew honey has idiosyncratic smell, taste and colour. Glycose and fructose composition of honeydew is lower than that of flower honey. It is less sweet and does not leave a bitter taste in throat. Honeydew honey contains more enzyme, amino acid and mineral matter than flower honey. Yet, pollen content of flower honey is more.
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When we talk about good local products, we can only think of ESPRIT FOIE GRAS, family BOUTINES. For 3 generations, this family has been cooking Mulard duck in the purest tradition of the Gers, and transforming it into high quality products: foie gras, confits, ready meals, fresh products. Originally, a grandmother Regina SOULA, in love with cooking and eating well. After a first career as a cook in a famous restaurant of the Gers "Chez Maigné", she started raising geese and ducks, raised outdoors, fed grain, fattened corn (without GMO, obviously !). Then Ghislaine (his daughter) and René BOUTINES, they are installed on the family farm and have developed it by building their own cannery with CE standards. Damien, the son joined them and they set up a name, brand ESPRIT FOIE GRAS and opened this online store. Today, ESPRIT LIVER GRAS transforms ducks and geese. At a time of globalization and the standardization of agri-food products, it is very nice to be able to taste these local products "made in GERS"! And the quality is at the rendezvous since the products of the family BOUTINES have been rewarded several times! Judge instead: Bronze Medal at the Concours Général Agricole in 2007 (Whole Foie Gras category) duck) Gold Medal at the Concours Général Agricole in 2008 (Whole Duck Foie Gras category) Silver Medal at the Concours Général Agricole 2009 (Whole Duck Foie Gras category) Diploma of Honor at the 2012 Duck Whole Foie Gras Competition In addition, all production is certified IGP Gers (Protected Geographical Identification). Finally, the last Concours Général Agricole 2013 rewarded the duck foie gras with the gold medal and the goose whole foie gras with the Bronze medal Silver Medal for Goose Whole Foie Gras in 2015 2018 Silver Medal for Duck Rillettes Bronze Medal 2019 for whole duck foie gras and duck rillettes
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GREZELADE Farm invites you to discover the FOIE GRAS . Motorhome area Located in the heart of the Quercy Périgord in the Dordorgne Valley, near Souillac (1km) between Rocamadour and Sarlat, we would be happy to receive you in our shaded area, spacious, quiet with sanitary facilities (emptying, shower, drinking water) . This area is free, except sanitary and filling (3 €). On our farm, we make our canned foie gras and cooked dishes that you can enjoy. Visits, tastings, free crunch breaks on the farm with demonstration of herdsman, discovery of foie gras, are organized in season. The camping motorists clubs will also be able to contact us to organize their stays (accommodation, Périgourdin meal , stroll along the Dordogne, dancing, bus tour, petanque area, ...). You will find us on the platforms Park4night and France Passion.
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Company Formation 1989 In 1989, the success story of Lohne-based EIPRO-Marketing GmbH & Co.KG began.Food industry 1990 
 Start in the "Food Industry" business segment with the production and sale of tailor-made egg products at the same time as the start of production in the newly built plant in Lohne. bulk consumers 1991 Start in the "bulk consumer" business segment as a pioneer in the use of aseptic filling technology for fresh, liquid egg products in small containers (Tetra Pak).Cooked and peeled eggs 1994 
 Extension of the product range with freshly cooked and peeled eggs under the brand name Ei-Buffet.Increasing convenience orientation 1998 - 2000 Development and introduction of Eifix Schlemmer scrambled eggs as well as egg patties, which represent the start of a next level of refinement. EIPRO also in organic 2006 
 Extension of the range with organic egg products. New infrastructure 2013 Commissioning of the own logistics center in Brockdorfer Esch, Lohne.New Products 2014 
 Market launch of PEGGYS pasteurized eggs and Eifix fresh doughs.2015 Certification Energy Management ISO 5000. Cast in shell 2019 
 EIPRO appears after a brand relaunch in a new guise.As a guarantor of quality , we offer a large variety of hygienic and safe egg products for professional use in canteens, hotels, restaurants and canteen kitchens that meet our requirements: easy to process, creatively and safely delicious.
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UNCLE JUAN CRUZ'S HONEY It is the result of the work of Apícola Cuartero, a family business born three generations ago and located under the skirts of Moncayo. With more than 3,000 hives, these honey produced one hundred percent in Spain are obtained from the most excellent blooms of the Spanish geography. Its more than twenty different products are made naturally, without pesticides around the flowers, and following the traditional process, so each honey will be different, even within the same type. In this way, Mieles del Tío Juan Cruz manages to revive in the palates the ancient taste of honey, when acquired directly from the beekeeper's house.UNCLE JUAN CRUZ HONEY Mieles del Tío Juan Cruz is the result of the work of Apícola Cuartero, a family business born three generations ago and located under the skirts of Moncayo.
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The ZOOMHXANIKH founded in 2010 by Andrikakis Constantine , qualified Mechanical Automation. Its purpose is to provide high quality services in the primary milk sector , which is the livestock farms , representing large firms abroad. Our equipment and products are all of the highest quality and technology from Boumatic , a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of milking systems and livestock equipment. Specifically, we design and install milking halls, herd management systems, breastplates, sanitary and nursing products, equipment sanitation products and everything else you need in services, spare parts and consumables. With 10 years of experience in the field, we have already successfully implemented over 20 projects across Greece, in turnkey units of 50 to 1,000 dairy cows . We undertake the implementation of any investment proposal in the field of livestock as demanding as it is, because beyond our deep knowledge of tradition we possess the most up-to-date technology.
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About us STEMAR Ltd. is engaged in the professional feeding of farm animals. We offer high quality compound feeds, feeds, premixes and concentrates, ingredients for maximum feeding effect. Our clients also receive quality service, advice and assistance in solving household issues. STEMAR - Your partner in the economy.
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Your reliable wholesale partner Since its foundation in 1986, the traditional company Gastro Dienst Haring has focused on the customer with his demands and wishes. True to the motto "Our aim is to recognize and fulfill the wishes of our customers", we look after around 800 customers - from gastronomy to system catering to institutions and canteens. Always with the claim to offer the highest quality at a fair price-performance ratio and with an optimal service. The immediate proximity to the customer is a personal concern. Our committed employees are always available to advise you comprehensively and individually and ensure that every order is delivered to you on time. Also in the design of our wide range of products, we comply with your wishes. Whether classic frozen products such as fish or vegetables, refrigerated products such as milk and cheese or dry products such as spices - we deliver everything your heart desires. From the region and from renowned manufacturers. For our customers this means that they can rely on the tested quality and an assortment that meets all requirements. Because when we say that we deliver enjoyment, we mean that too. That's something you can rely on.
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