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Our designer, Valeria Prisco, opens the doors of our magical world to all future brides. It is in Anzio, the new Valeria Prisco Atelier Sposa, flagship store of all Jillian bridal and ceremony collections. Refined, exclusive and customizable dresses express the essence of Italian tailoring and design. My models are born to satisfy the most demanding bride, attentive to details, eager to make the most beautiful day special in all details. Our designer, Valeria Prisco, opens the doors of our new, magical world to all brides. It's in Anzio, the new Valeria Prisco Bridal Atelier, a flagship store for all our bridal and ceremony collections. Refined dresses, exclusive and customizable, express Italian design and tailoring essence. My dresses are born to satisfy the most demanding bride, detail conscious, willing to make most beautiful day.
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"MaryBride" – manufacturer of stylish and luxurious wedding dresses for modern brides! The successful company "MaryBride" welcomes you on its website and is ready to guide you into the world of wedding fashion and fine jewelry. We have been creating collections of wedding dresses for more than 10 years and are rightfully considered as fashion world experts. Each our collection is exclusive design, trend models and the highest quality! The company designers are constantly working on new exclusive outfits for brides. Therefore, all models in the catalogs are unique. Only we have such a wide variety of wedding and evening dresses. What are the features of dresses by "MaryBride"? The factory is engaged in making outfits on the basis of sketches developed by the company designers. They, in turn, take into account the current trends, trends of each season. Thus, the Company collection includes elegant, modern and original dresses. They impress with their cut, luxurious trimming. All the outfits are tailored using only high quality fabrics and expensive decorative elements. "MaryBride" offers quality wedding dresses, evening dresses in a large assortment for wholesale purchases. We know how important it is for every girl to feel confident and beautiful at her celebration. Therefore, models quality and design were paid special attention. You will find popular, bold and designer things for a wedding or a solemn event. All the necessary accessories for creating the wedding image are also provided in the company catalog. We offer wedding veils, wedding coats, diadems, tiaras and other adornments. Their fancy design will appeal to every girl. "MaryBride" – a well-recognized manufacturer of wedding dresses who provides wholesale purchases, a supplier of clothes for the best wedding salons. Our partners are retailing leaders of Ukraine and CIS countries. We are located in Chernivtsi, but we supply dresses to the markets of Europe, Russia and other countries. Use the website of our online store to order luxurious wedding dresses that will delight every bride. Buy a collection of clothes and accessories for the dresses at reasonable prices and get them delivered. At the same time, our company guarantees that its products will be of high quality, in trend and in demand. We work for modern brides and girls who want to look beautiful!
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Wedding dresses and formal dresses online for weddings and events MiamaStore is your private tailor shop where, in addition to the purchase of numerous dresses and accessories for wedding and events, you can request tailoring your dress with a photo or your sketch. Thus you become a real stylist and put in our hands the production of your custom wedding dress or ceremony dress . SHIPMENTS ALL OVER THE WORLD With our first-rate express couriers we guarantee safe and fast delivery anywhere in the world with free shipping for orders over € 99. SATISFIED OR 100% REFUNDED On all our goods ready for delivery you have the guarantee of a return and a free refund without having to give any justification. PROFESSIONALISM AND SERIOUSNESS These are our two watchwords to guarantee a top quality service despite the very low prices of our products.Are you passionate about the world of marriage and do you like shopping online? Do you love everything about marriage and want to be perfect by showing off your look for the perfect wedding? The wedding dresses and the formal wear you'll find on Miamastore will offer you the opportunity to express in the best way your personality and your femininity. In addition, our bridal accessories collections will help you complete your outfit in the best way and with that glamorous touch that all women would like. Do you know the trend of the moment? They are the princely wedding dresses . Ceremony Collection: all the latest fashion trends. If you want to know the trends of the moment in the world of women's formal wear , just take a look at our brand-new miamastore ceremony collection with all the latest models and lots of news immediately available, even in stock . In addition to classic evening gowns you will also find the brand new elegant cocktail dresses suitable not only for attending weddings as invited but also for less demanding events such as a party between colleagues, a drink with friends or a business dinner. Haven't you got enough yet? Discover now our enchanted world of accessories! All the brides know how important accessories are to complete their bridal outfits. Sometimes it's the details that make the difference , especially in the enchanted world of the bride! Bridal veils, shawls, furs, bracelets and parure are just examples of all the opportunities a bride has to complete her look. What are you waiting for? Buy now our fantastic bridal accessories and make your style unique! Wedding fashion and events glossary. In this section you will find suggestions and terminology regarding the outfits, styles and everything that is trendy in the world of marriage and events. If, for example, you do not know what to wear for a particular event or if you have a wedding on the doorstep or, if you are still looking for the right accessory to combine with your dress, here you will find everything you are looking for, plus some small useful suggestions. Click on the letter of the alphabet and get inspired by the world of Miamastore!
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CONCEPT Every day, we are motivated by the desire to create unique event dresses for all categories of special occasions, always keeping in mind a map of portraits of female personalities. Take on the dream of Miss Gray, wearing fashionable creations behind stories about yourself, about harmony, beauty and elegance.MISS GRAY CREATIONS When passion meets determination, any dream becomes a reality. And Miss Gray's dream was to speak in a unique way about beauty, elegance and femininity. Take on the dream of Miss Gray, wearing fashionable creations behind stories about you, about harmony, beauty and elegance We wanted every woman to dare more, to believe in her dreams, to know her strengths and to understand that she is special. But not anyway, but choosing to express his personality through the worn outfits. The Miss Gray brand is animated by the spirit of feminine grace, and behind it is an extremely passionate and determined team that has acquired our dream. Each Miss Gray creation represents an adventure in the perfect universe of refinement and femininity, bringing to the harmony of the lines and the quality of the seams the original story of each woman found inPROUDLY MADE IN ROMANIA Miss Gray began to take shape in 2012, at the initiative of Cristina Oprea, who laid the foundations of this 100% Romanian brand. The materials used are imported directly from manufacturers in India, Korea, the United Arab Emirates, most of them being created manually. Our creations are labeled "Proudly Made In Romania" because the products are manufactured exclusively in Romania. We are proud of this, given that most luxury brands (Armani, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, etc.) have chosen to produce in our country and, moreover, some of these famous brands have worked with us. . After the 1989 Revolution, the market was flooded with Turkish and Chinese products, and the long tradition of the Romanian textile industry, appreciated worldwide, was forgotten. But this did not prevent us from choosing the more expensive version of the production in its own factory, with the sole purpose of guaranteeing the absolute satisfaction of the consumer through the superior quality of our creations. The team is constantly trained through training programs, in order to demonstrate professionalism to the highest standards. We pay special attention to the needs of our clients, and in the relationships with people we put communication on the foreground. And, the most important aspect is that everything we do, we do with total dedication, out of pure passion.
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OUR HISTORY Clothes that dress dreams This is what Valentini Spose has always proposed, in fact, since 1966 until today we have done nothing but make sought-after clothes much loved by women. 50 years of Emotions. Experience and high tailoring have merged over time with style and refinement and this has led us to make wedding dresses our vocation. Year after year, collection after collection, Valentini Spose gave each one the perfect garment to live the most beautiful day of life, thanks to a vast array of models characterized by a single common factor: style . Thanks to the taste of our designers, coordinated by the historic Graziana Valentini, today our brand is represented by four lines and they are: " Valentini Couture " to express the elegant and prestigious taste of the company tradition, " Egò " a modern and refined line embellished with fine details and finishes, " Graziana Valentini " with a more sensual and precious vein and " Viviè " made of light fabrics to convey delicacy and modernity. Our strength is the strict respect for the Made in Italy , as well as a new commercial distribution that will see our clothes present in the best ateliers of the Italian scene.
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GuangZhou Angel Bridal Gown Co.,LTD, was founded in 2005, located in GuangZhou, which is a famous city of wedding gown manufacturing base in China, with many excellence workers engaged in our big family among which are Professional designers, skilled workers. As a professional wedding gown & flower girl dress manufacturer and wholesaler in China, We specialize in designing and manufacturing many different styles of wedding bridal gowns, and flower girl dresses. All of these products are hand-made crafts, and all of them are delicate, beautiful, fashionable and of course with good quality, competitive price and on time delivery. Our business has been throughout different corners Over all over the world, such as Hong kong, Europe, America, Canada, Australia and Japan, etc. “Making your own style” is the special service supported by Angel Bridal. You can enjoy your favorite design with lowest price and quality fabrics using this unique service at Angel Bridal. Step 1: choose the pictures of the wedding dress need us to make. (Note: it'll be better providing front, back and detail pictures of the dress. Step 2: Send the dress pictures or the link page to or 3: After receiving your Email, we will review it carefully and reply you as soon as possible to give you a reasonable price if we can make it for you. Any of your e-mail, we will reply you as soon as we can. You also can send your sample to us, we can making for you according your sample dress and your requirement.Any enquiries or suggestions are welcome and will be considered seriously. We promise all dresses made by us are in high quality and we treasure every customer of us, no matter you are a big dealers or just a single buyer. We hope to cooperate with partners around the world to achieve mutual benefits. If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to visit our website or contact us directly for more information. We will do our utmost to supply you with first-class products and services. We are gratified and grateful for all achievements. Thanks for generous supports from all of suppliers and customers. Above all, we appreciate all Angel people who devote themselves to hard works. Welcome to visit Angel Bridal!
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Dear customers! From Monday, October 7, 2019 to Monday, October 14, 2019 our business remains closed. From Tuesday, 15th October 2019 we will be there again during the regular opening hours. Thank you for your understanding! ???? ******* The first wedding dresses from the new collection 2020 have arrived and to see in our bridal shop now! We need space for the new collection! Therefore, you will find a large selection of greatly reduced wedding dresses! But only while stocks last!Dear customers! Welcome to our shop in Koblenz-Ehrenbreitstein! Here you will find magical wedding dresses and evening dresses, beautiful accessories, stylish and comfortable shoes and much more in all price ranges. We look forward to your visit and are happy to help you choose your dream dress.
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Patricia has a backround in interior design. Her passion is creating events that sparkle with a vision to exceed expectations. Patricia has trained with some of the best florists trainers in the business with ~Kay’s Flowers School in Dublin in 2014 and then successfully completing her training in various other florists throughout the Midlands. Patricia has gained an excellent knowledge of what every bride needs and expects from her wedding flowers selection. The knowledge to create fantastic bouquets, and wedding accessories allow her to create a complete inspired design for every event. Her specialty lies in her wedding designs. Patricia has always loved weddings: the sparkle and the glitz and glam of the whole day. She understands every couple are unique. She works with the couples to make their ideal dream wedding a reality. She believes every wedding should be a magical event with the bride and groom expressing their own uniqueness through a range of wedding decor styles and exquisite floral designs. When Patricia isn’t designing weddings she is creating floral arrangements for anniversaries, graduations, corporate events and various parties.
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Choosing a dress silhouette is an extremely important step. However, that is not all. In addition to style, you need to find the perfect model. Mermaid Wedding dresses of the Mermaid or Fish style have a cut fitting to the knee, which then expands downward. A-line A-line wedding dress has a gradually expanding cut. It resembles the letter “A” - hence the name Princess The princess silhouette dress has a fluffy skirt combined with a corset bodice.
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The retouch of wedding dresses I realize the custom wedding dress adjustment. If you want to correct the size or make a change this can be done in the shortest time.The creator Nothing really predisposed Maria Dubois to become a wedding dress designer ! Indeed, in her early childhood, she loved to create and dress her little dolls like all the little girls of 10 years. Growing up, he had to choose a career orientation. Wanting to integrate a large company to ensure her career, Maria Dubois turned to studies in Finance. Once she graduates, she realizes that it is vital to her creativity. Then follows a reorientation of his professional career which leads to the field of Marketing. This allowed him to work as a brand manager. The year 2008 was the year of the great change in the professional life of Maria Dubois. After the birth of her first child, she decides to return to her first love: fashion! Decided to live by her passion, she opened a sewing workshop dedicated to wedding dresses. It must be said that for her, wedding dresses are the finest attire that a woman can wear. This new creative wedding dress learns the basics of the craft and is perfecting in the field. She immerses herself in sketches, beautiful materials and beautiful cuts! Thanks to the experiences she has acquired over the years, and the growing activities, wedding dress designer Maria Dubois opens the workshop in Lyon, in 2015. The recording of the Maria Dubois brand is made the same year.Custom dress The wedding dress evokes the dream! At Maria Dubois, it will come true thanks to delicate little hands that will make you a tailor- made wedding dress . Beaches of lace, waterfalls of ruffles or rustles galore, deluges of colors ..., we will create with you, and only for you, the dress of your dreams, adapted to your silhouette as well as your budget. You just have to draw with us the ideal model for you. You can also take inspiration from our designer wedding dress collections . Customizable to perfection, our dresses are sure to make you a unique bride. You have the possibility to choose the most beautiful fabrics, to associate the colors that you like among those of our color chart, to opt for an American collar or bustier heart, to add or not suspenders ... In short, you will leave from home with a bespoke wedding dress , one of a kind, one that will reflect your personality and highlight your silhouette! Since 2008, we have been making designer wedding dresses in our workshops in Orléans and Strasbourg, whose fame is growing. Like many other brides who have trusted us to create the dress of their dreams, and have been more than satisfied, let us sublimate you for this unique day. Thanks to Maria Dubois, in addition to putting on the wedding dress that you had dreamed of being small, you will be able to benefit from some advantages such as a 4-month preparation time, or a payment facility (in 3 installments). We will be happy to answer all your questions during a free consultation, so do not hesitate to make an appointment now!
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ABOUT US Atelier Ivoire has made brides happy since the beginning of 2013. Trusting in our experience, we choose only the most beautiful bridal gowns by talented and proven designers around the world. Choosing from their collections we present to our brides only the best models. We are currently the official representatives of three of the most famous brands in the world of bridal gowns - Crystal Design, Elena Vasylkova and Ida Torez. Our goal is to make your visit with us pleasant, full of emotions and memorable!Free sample wedding dresses Visits to us are not paid. You also have no limit on the number of dresses you choose to try. Adjustments included in the price Every bridal gown needs adjustments to be perfect. Our professional tailors will make whatever changes are necessary. Free storage of your dress We will be happy to keep your dress secure, even until the wedding day.We are Ned and Stella. Bridal gowns met us about 10 years ago and to this day we have not given up our love for them. For us, what we do is not just a job but a calling. We love our work and are proud of it!
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