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İstanbul / Türkiye Mail : Firma Detayı
Cam ve Cam Ürünleri Üretici ve Satıcıları
In the early 1980’s, our current managing director was introduced to the glass business. Over the years, our customers have become our friends and the philosophy of continued cooperation that fosters trust – with tested quality at fair prices – has proven itself to this day. Times have changed and that’s a good thing, because we learn more every day. In the meantime, the second generation has arrived at Glassland so that Johannes Huth can concentrate on strategic orientation for the coming years. We are no longer a “bottle dealer” in the typical sense – we see ourselves as a developer, service provider and partner with a highly qualified team. Above all – personal contact is very important to us.
Ren-Vestfalya / Germany Mail : Firma Detayı
Cam ve Cam Ürünleri Üretici ve Satıcıları
For more than 80 years, the traditional company Schiller & Mayer has been synonymous with competent supply of glass and plastic packaging in the packaging industry. From preserving jars and all types of beverage bottles to plastic canisters in various sizes: We are a high-performance wholesale company with a wide range of products. We are happy to advise you and, if you wish, we also develop new articles according to your individual needs.
Munich / Germany Mail : Firma Detayı
Cam ve Cam Ürünleri Üretici ve Satıcıları
COMPANY Founded in the late 1980s by people with decades of experience in the glass industry, Les Verres is a leading company in the design and manufacture of special hollow glass containers . Our experience and professionalism make use of Italian and foreign clients operating in various commodity sectors, from distillates, to flavored oils, to spices, fruit jams, room perfumers and bath salts, gifts, etc. The strong point of the company is represented by the vast catalog of products that every year is enriched thanks to the innovative spirit that characterizes the company to always respond in the best way to the needs of the market. At the request of our customers, we also develop customized projects, putting all our experience at your disposal. Trust us for your products. Entrust your ideas to us.
Udine / Italy Mail : Firma Detayı
Cam ve Cam Ürünleri Üretici ve Satıcıları
Colors and shapes for every taste Our wide product range includes all common as well as individual reusable and disposable glass packaging. By combining proven shapes, colors and mouth variations, or by individually creating a completely new bottle design, each product will quickly find its right packaging. So that your drink is always in great shape, we offer individual packaging concepts from a single source.
Thuringia / Germany Mail : Firma Detayı
Cam ve Cam Ürünleri Üretici ve Satıcıları
The Gerresheimer Group Gerresheimer is a leading global partner to the pharma and healthcare industry. With our specialty glass and plastic products, we contribute to health and well-being. We have worldwide operations and about 10,000 employees manufacture our products in local markets, close to our customers. With our plants in Europe, North America, South America and Asia, we generate revenues of approximately EUR 1.4 billion. The comprehensive product portfolio includes pharmaceutical packaging and products for the safe, simple administration of medicines: Insulin pens, inhalers, micro pumps, prefillable syringes, injection vials, ampoules, bottles and containers for liquid and solid medicines with closure and safety systems as well as packaging for the cosmetics industry. Gerresheimer will become the leading global partner for enabling solutions that improve health and well-being. Our success is driven by the passion of our people.We will achieve our vision by: understanding our customers and providing them with solutions to both their present and future needs living our commitment to excellent quality and continuous innovation leveraging our competence and technological leadership by acting as one global team becoming a preferred employer with highly motivated and passionate employees all over the world and, in so doing, by expanding our global reach and creating profitable and sustainable growth. Integrity We believe in honesty, openness, trust, respect and reliability in all we do. Behavior Integrity is the heart of our daily conduct: We treat others as we want to be treated We keep our promises We walk the talk We value diversity of thought Excellence We believe we must strive for excellence in everything we do. Behavior We encourage all employees to strive for excellence: We regard quality as a personal responsibility We seek to make new improvements every day We promote continuous learning We aim to challenge the status quo Innovation We believe that innovations drive our future success. Behavior To support a culture of innovations: We develop and implement innovative solutions We encourage the global exchange of new ideas We leverage opportunities We act as entrepreneurs Responsibility We believe that by taking ownership and acting with commitment we will achieve sustainable success. Behavior Every day: We deliver on our commitments We act responsibly We respect the environment We are ambitious about achieving sustainable results Teamwork We believe that connecting people and working in global teams is crucial to achieving our ambitious goals. Behavior Teamwork will benefit all employees: We share our know-how and skills We support each other We communicate effectively across borders We act with respect for cultural diversity We grow together as one global team
Hainaut / Belgium Mail : Firma Detayı
Cam ve Cam Ürünleri Üretici ve Satıcıları
New Biemmepi from Dimitrov Zoran has been dealing with bottle washing since 1989, using the best technologies. In fact, we use plants built according to the needs and indications of large users. The machines used are in stainless steel and guarantee a very high automation of the washing process. Thanks to our technologies we are able to process about 2000 pieces per hour. label removal bottle washing osmotic water All the steps of washing , drying and rinsing with osmotic water guarantee excellent cleaning of the bottles and ensure maximum safety from a microbiological point of view. Customers deliver and collect the material directly at our premises: the treated bottles are conditioned in suitable containers (cartons, baskets and gabions), thermopianals, or thermopacks of 24 or 15 bottles each, according to the customer's needs or for greater convenience of transport. The large warehouse of the company also offers the possibility of a temporary stop for bottles ready for collection . In addition to bottles, New Biemmepi carries out cleaning treatments for baskets and harvest cases. The service is also made by appointment, with a few days' notice. We also carry out 12 quintals plastic cubic washes and containers for pharmaceutical companies .Watch the video to understand how we work » Biemmepi offers a prompt and cutting-edge service for washing bottles and cases with osmotic water. Here's what we can guarantee: bottle washing washing bottles removal of adhesive labels and clamps, from empty and full bottles bottle drying packaging in thermopacks harvest crates washing rinsing with osmotic water Collection and disposal of used bottles Are you fans of recycling? Come and visit us on site, we will wash your bottles and you can reuse them as new.
Cam ve Cam Ürünleri Üretici ve Satıcıları
Tradition The Belcaro Vetrerie born from an idea of the founder, Antonino Belcaro , and his forty years of experience in the field of glass . Since 1968 he has worked for important companies in the glass sector until, in 1984, he decided to create a marketing business in Calabria. The desire to stand out with something new, the expertise acquired over years of work, the professionalism deriving from the collaboration with important companies and the centrality that the client's desires play in the production process have allowed Vetreria Belcaro to become an important, solid reality , operating not only throughout the national territory but also present on the European market . Style, line, seriousness, competence, high technology and a search always directed towards the future, looking with respect at the experiences of the now legendary Italian masters. Here are the Vetreria Belcaro. Glass accompanies man's journey since antiquity. The evolution of the times has made it increasingly valuable, to the point that it has become a privileged material for the food & beverage food industry. In fact, due to its very structure, glass guarantees maximum hygiene and perfect preservation of the product contained. Moreover, it is transparent and therefore allows the consumer to see what he buys. Another important feature is its complete recyclability, which makes it environmentally friendly.
Calabria / Italy Mail : Firma Detayı
Cam ve Cam Ürünleri Üretici ve Satıcıları
Buy glass bottles, bottles, cans “The GLAVSTEKLOTARA Trading House sells retail and small wholesale glass bottles, bottles and cans of European and Russian glass factories. The range of products we offer is mostly unique and original, and you will not be able to find similar products from other suppliers. We are one of the largest suppliers of quality glass products. With us you can always find a large assortment of glass bottles and cans, containers for storing and transporting liquids. The range is constantly updated with new commodity items.If you need to buy glass bottles intended for repeated use, in the catalog of our site you can find the best options for the required product. We also suggest you buy products of various capacities and shapes at competitive prices. They are made of high quality glass, they are easy to wash, they are leakproof, chemical resistant and have a long service life.for water; for juice; for drinks; for oils and honey. As for the non-food industry, the use of such material as packaging is due to some important aspects, for example, special storage conditions, the absence of chemical reactions with the contents and the ability to extend the life of the product. Buying glass jars and bottles at an affordable price has become much easier. You get exactly the result that is needed, since during the production process we maintain all the parameters specified by the customer and necessary for optimal storage conditions. You can also buy fairly large glass bottles of 20 liters with or without a lid. First of all, it all depends on what exactly such a container will be used for. In addition, it can be liter glass jars for canning or jars with a yoke for packing jams, marinades or honey, or beautiful small containers in which it is planned to store spices, herbs and much more.Glass bottles and jars from the manufacturer If you decide to buy glass jars at the wholesale price from the manufacturer, you must take into account the specifics of the company providing such products. The fact is that some enterprises are engaged in this area as a secondary business, so they are not ready to invest enough funds in this area for the implementation of truly exclusive projects. We can guarantee that the manufacture of bottles of glass to order, cans of 0.5, 1 liter, 10 l will be carried out only in accordance with your requirements and in compliance with all necessary technological processes. Medical, beer capacity and at the same time inexpensive - this is also all about our company. Only professionals can afford to do the work, thanks to which the final product will be successful with the consumer.
Moskva / Russia Mail : Firma Detayı
Cam ve Cam Ürünleri Üretici ve Satıcıları
HISTORY Created in 1967 in Choisy-Le-Roi near Paris, VERRETUBEX is animated from its creation by a spirit of ingenuity. Its founder, Miroslav HOSNEDL, invents and develops with his teams the first production equipment of the company. The company quickly acquires an excellent technical reputation. 1970 - With its success, Verretubex sets up on a new industrial site in Nogent-Le-Roi (Eure-et-Loir) 70 km from Paris. 1990 - The company joins the German group GERREISHEIMER GLASS, listed on the FRANKFURT Stock Exchange, and specializes in the production of glass products for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. 2006 - The German Group sells 100% of Verretubex to one of its directors. 2014 - H-FINANCE, headquartered in Vésinet (Yvelines) in France, takes over in October all the assets and the Verretubex business. H-FINANCE creates VERRETUBEX INDUSTRIE and appoints François-Xavier Huille to the company's presidency, with a strengthened management team.OUR ENGAGEMENTS The teams and the entire Verretubex Industrie management team are committed to: • Respect of the word given • Formalization of the commitments made • Respect of the procedures and good practices • Information and transparency • Total traceability of the operations • Search for continuous improvement To ensure a customer service attentive and quality .The current VERRETUBEX INDUSTRIE management team has the common value of 100% service rate commitments for more than 20 years. A true culture of the Customer . This translates into team management adapted to this culture of service. These are for you open exchanges with your teams, on your site or on our production site .
Cam ve Cam Ürünleri Üretici ve Satıcıları
Vetropack is a leading glass packaging manufacturer in Europe. The Vetropack Group is an independent, listed and family-managed glass packaging manufacturer in Switzerland. As a leading glass bottle provider to the food and beverage industry, we employ over 3,000 people. Our glass packaging products comply with the highest industry standards. Glass is a natural and neutral raw material that reliably protects high-quality products.
Kyyiv / Ukraine Mail : Firma Detayı
Cam ve Cam Ürünleri Üretici ve Satıcıları
Our product range: Buy empty glasses and bottles at a low price Our range of bottles includes in the range glasses the most common screw jars, empty jars, tumblers, jam jars, honey jars and glass containers with lids. We also offer empty cans and various closures in various designs. In the range of bottles you can buy at our wholesale glass bottles, empty bottles for filling, bottling bottles, glass bottles, liqueur bottles, liquor bottles, wine bottles, champagne bottles, glass bottles with clip closure, beer bottles and water bottles. As an agile and owner-managed bottle wholesaler, you can buy cheap glass packaging, glass bottles and closure solutions from us and at the same time receive the best and most individual service. We have access to virtually all types of empty jars and bottles so we can tailor solutions for your project and products. Bottle trade Euroglas: Your expert in glass packaging Our customer base is broad and ranges from the industrially bottling large corporation over the family-run middle class to the young start-up. We buy winegrowers, breweries, beekeepers, distilleries, butchers and many more. We are increasingly approaching innovative start-ups who, together with us, want to develop individual packaging solutions for their products. They value our expertise and reward our entrepreneurial spirit as well as our flexible approach to finding solutions to your often challenging and new product ideas and concepts. As realists we do not shy away from giving our customers a clear assessment of their intentions or discouraging ideas. If you are looking for empty bottles for filling, filling bottles, wide mouth glasses or closure solutions for special projects, we are your partner. We also advise you on individual solutions with regard to glass packaging, product refinement and in-house development and ensure that your price is right in the end and that the costs do not get out of hand. Euro glass | Who we are and what we stand for Since 1992, our family-owned company based in the Allgäu has been a competent partner for glass packaging. One of our strengths is the production of standard packaging as well as the production of individual glass bottles and packaging glass on customer request. In order to be able to offer each customer the best possible conditions in addition to quality and reliability, intensive contacts with almost all glass manufacturers in Europe have been established right from the start and a narrow, efficient corporate structure maintained at all times. Due to the coherent concept and the trust of the customers, it was possible very soon to efficiently bundle purchasing volumes and thus achieve interesting price advantages for large and small customers. Other decisive factors for the success of Euroglas are the good personal contacts with partners as well as the extensive service package. In 2010, Christoph and Johannes Jäckle took over the company founded by their father. The structures that have grown over the years with the glass manufacturers in Europe as well as the enormous wealth of experience of the company have been preserved as well as the successful company philosophy of the last two decades:"To follow in the footsteps of our father and to continue the business on the basis of the existing concept is and remains our conviction !" Christoph & Johannes Jäckle We are sure: "Clothes make people, packaging products". This is how we see our mission in shrouding products in a shapely and functional way, also to leave familiar ways and to look beyond the box and to approach the creativity of packaging options with openness, because: "Packaging sold", our grandparents already knew that. We are very well aware of the enormous importance of the perfect packaging for a product, its positioning on the market and thus its sales.
Bavaria / Germany Mail : Firma Detayı