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We invite you to relax in our hotel and restaurant industry seating furniture with our long years of experience in the goods sector and the many high value products we offer. From the intertwined chair to the high table made of first-class materials, you can find furniture that has been tried in the industry and at the same time distinguished, indispensable in indoor and outdoor gastronomy. As it is known, the first impression is one of the most important impressions of your guests about your place. Apart from the first class service and good food presentation, therefore the choice of furniture should also be made conscious. As experts in hotel, restaurant and canteen installation, we enjoy serving you on a personal level. We offer a comprehensive consulting service on countless possibilities to give you and your guests a successful concept.
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WORKSPACE, MEETING ROOM, RESTAURANT, ... If you are a professional and you are looking for specific furniture, do not hesitate to contact us. We can meet your expectations: Unconventional formats, Manufacture according to your sketch, Mass production, Cutouts for top access, Finishes in the colors of your company, ... 1 / FOR THE QUALITY Our products are fashioned in the respect of the rules of the art, by skilled and passionate craftsmen. The finishes are neat in every detail. 2 / FOR ETHICS The furniture is entirely made in France. Our raw materials are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. Solid wood comes from French forests and has the PEFC and FSC labels. 3 / FOR THE STYLE The design is strong and uncluttered. The wide choice of finishes makes each piece unique 4 / FOR A SUSTAINABLE PURCHASE You buy a quality product: design, raw materials and finishes. If after several years of use your solid wood is damaged, you can sand it and apply a new coat of varnish to find a new look. You can keep your furniture long, very long ... 5 / FOR THE SERVICE You hesitate on the choice of the finish? Do not hesitate to ask for samples. You do not know which model to choose? Send a photo of your interior, we are here to advise you. You live on the 5th floor and you have no notion of DIY to mount your table? We can send you 2 deliverymen to install the furniture in the destination room (optional). 6 / FOR THE TAILOR-MADE Do you want special dimensions? Do you want to change the essence of wood? No problem, send your request by mail, we will answer. You have a drawing, we can manufacture. 7 / FOR THE PRICE / QUALITY RATIO A company on a human scale, no intermediary, no shop, no stock. A choice to offer you the fairest price. 8 / THOSE WHO HAVE CHOSEN ARTMETA ARE EXTREMELY SATISFIED Visit Houzz France , a website dedicated to the home, to consult the opinions of our customers.
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Venelina Ltd. was established in 1990. In the beginning, the company started producing tubular tables, chairs and sofas for the needs of the local market. A few years later, Venelina Ltd. began expanding its product range, and today the company specializes in the overall furnishing of hotels, restaurants and homes, both for the Bulgarian and European markets . Our collections are designed to meet every requirement, taste and shape, with a sense of detail and innovation. The traditions Venelina has built up are imbued with every product and detail, and they inspire classic, elegant and unique furniture. We offer style, convenience and extravagance in the line of models.Service and maintenance Venelina guarantees the quality and service of its furniture. We strive to deliver the perfect product, but of course something can always go wrong. We will be happy to resolve the issue with you. If you need to make a claim against the warranty despite all the care we take, or you want to make a request for service: Please call your Venelian dealer or call us at +359 888 23 02 23 Your valuable Venelian furniture will stay longer beautiful when you take care of them. Want to know more about daily maintenance, spring cleaning and what to do in the event of minor incidents? If you have chosen a leather sofa for your home, it is very important to know how to maintain it, because the skin absorbs dirt. Periodic cleaning with a clean, dry, soft cloth is a must, but there are some other subtleties to maintain the leather sofa. Remove liquids from soft drinks, coffee or milk from the surface by wiping with a cloth or absorbent paper. With a clean cloth moistened with a light solution of water and a neutral soap, gently rub the stain. It does not irrigate the skin surface, but immediately wipe it dry with a clean cloth. Protect upholstered furniture from direct sunlight. Keep a minimum distance of 40-50 cm from heat sources. The weakest point of upholstered furniture is the damask. The appearance of your sofa or armchair depends a lot on maintaining them properly. Here are some rules to keep your furniture looking new for a long time. If you wash the fabric in a washing machine, follow the instructions on the label carefully. Do not clean the fabric too often with a vacuum cleaner. Use a soft brush instead. When cleaning a stain with a chemical, never apply it directly on the fabric. It is better to put thin cloth first and apply the detergent on top. Do not apply several different cleaners at the same time. After treatment of the stain, allow the fabric to dry naturally. You can only soak up excess moisture with a paper towel. How to Take Care of Your Wood Furniture | Frequent cleaning of dust from your furniture will help to preserve the splendor of both oil and varnish coatings. Use a dry, soft cotton cloth. Please do not place wet or hot objects on wooden furniture. Use supports and pads to prevent damage, and wipe spills immediately. If you leave objects such as candlesticks or vases on an uncovered wood surface, rotate them regularly to prevent dark or light spots. In addition to frequent dust cleaning, we recommend that you clean your furniture with oil or furniture wax every six months to one year.
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About us Our company Woodworkers offers partner services on furniture manufacturing of any complexity.The quality of our work and the timing of manufacturing do not cause doubts among our customers. After all, our slogan is "Customer first.". We work with different types of wood: pine, alder, oak, ash, acacia.Our products are covered by certified paints, such as: Sherwin-Williams, Remmers, Osmo, etc. The products go through all production cycles, for the customer to be satisfied with the final result and quality. Expensive woods such as: oak, ash, acacia undergo a special stage of preparation - the material is caked to remove the internal stress of wood, thus the final product is of high quality. Particular attention is drawn to German paints that contain vegetable oils and waxes - these are natural coloring pigments that are allowed for use in the food sector. We also use trendy collections of fabrics.
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HORECA FURNITURE SUPPLIER - STYLE, ELEGANCE, REFINING The speaker is the perfect choice for HORECA projects. We offer complete solutions for the layout of your cafe, restaurant, club. The custom furniture, adaptable to any style, gives elegance and refinement to our clients' projects. The Parla portfolio includes a wide range of: wooden chairs, metal chairs, sofas, table tops, tables, table stands, complete furniture for hotel rooms, furniture for cafes, furniture for restaurants, furniture for commercial projects. Since 2006 PARLA products have reached the most successful locations in Romania and beyond. References: BANEASA SHOPPING CITY, AFI COTROCENI PALACE, SUN PLAZA MALL, PLAZA MALL, BUCHAREST MALL, STIRBEY PALACE, HILTON RESORT BODRUM, IBIS STYLE ISTANBUL, GLORIA JEANS, VACA MUU restaurant, restaurant chain DRISTOR We make custom acrylic projects using established brands such as: Samsung, Hi-Macs, Du Pont, LG Balance, flexibility, elegance and refinement are some of the attributes of PARLA company, which is constantly changing, looking for the new and finding the best solutions for its clients.MOBILE PRODUCTS FROM ERSAH SPEAKER Custom furniture; Furniture for restaurants and cafe furniture; Chairs for the restaurant; Chairs for cafes; Kitchen furniture; Bedroom and dressing furniture; Urban furniture;Couches; Outdoor furniture and terraces; chairs; Corian; Coffee tables; Meals;
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Migayyo is the commercial platform of the company Casa Alba (Alba Negocios Diversos SL) . It is a company from Seville, which brings those who wish to access decoration and interior design at affordable prices, without giving up their ideas and wishes. Any person should have the possibility to live or capture their ideas in their desired space, so our motto is "DECORA TUE DUEÑOS" , Design, Interior Design and Decoration available to everyone. We transform houses into homes, inert premises in dynamic and very productive, taking into account the tastes and ideas of the client; We listen carefully to your needs and desires to interpret your expectations and make them a reality. At Casa Alba we do Technical Projects and Advisory Projects in decoration , interior design and landscaping. Both Bars, Restaurants and Hospitality , as well as Business Properties, of any nature, as well as residential homes and real estate. We can deal with both the Technical Project, the Interior Design and Decoration Project and the adaptation or renovation of the property and all its facilities , with their corresponding final certification of all the facilities and the execution of all the procedures until the achievement of the License of Opening and commissioning of the Local. On many occasions the client wants to capture our ideas and sketches but the lack of time, ignorance or simply prefer to be guided by professionals to be safer. That is where we support the client in the choice of materials, furniture, accessories and objects. Our staff will take care of the purchase and transfer of merchandise. We have trained, professional and reliable workforce, for those jobs where it is not always easy to find safe and specialized workforce: masonry, facilities in general, finishes, paint, recycled, general reforms. Personalized management and control of works. Our services Interior Design Project Seville As a decoration and interior design company in SEVILLA , we guarantee a professional and personalized analysis so that the final project is the most suitable for your style. Get in Reforms and Facilities Sevilla We reform your Bar, Restaurant, office or business premises making it the right space for the implementation of any type of business, industry or service. Get in FOR ALL YOUR CONSULTATIONS Click to call Write us In Casa Alba Construcciones, a company of the group, we offer you an excellent option to commission an implementation or interior design project and integral reforms for a hotel, office or commercial premises . Our goal is to develop a company as a brand through design. Analyzing interior design as a tool to convey emotions and feelings, investing in a professional project is the best and most economical way to boost a business. In a company or a product they must highlight their difference factors with their competition, an efficient brand design is a very necessary asset. For companies that have premises for public participation and have products for sale, of any nature, a successful local design will most likely increase profits. For a customer to return to a restaurant or bar, to a cafeteria, hairdresser, to a clothing or grocery store will depend on many factors, the main one: the direct quality of your product or service. But there are other sensory factors that can make the memory save a place for that purchase option: the general atmosphere, the lighting, the colors used, the music or the smells that we can feel ... the customer perceives emotions continuously and will remember them if They are nice. Many of these factors must participate in a project of interior design and comprehensive reforms for a local or commercial office; The designer must synchronize the client's business concept with the proper implementation in space. With the existing competition, it is vital to trust a professional with experience in interior design and adaptation of commercial premises and it is very important to commission a project to decorate or set up a commercial premises
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THIS IS WHERE THE FUTURE IS BORN NEWS BLOG RISTORANTE SURACE - LENTIA CITY Ernst Kirchmayr gives his "Lentia" a spring cure. In this course, the popular Ristorante ... HOFTAVERNE ATZMÜLLER - WAXENBERG On the occasion of the "Sterngartl" golf tournament, the garden was officially opened and is now one of the most beautiful ... STADTWERK - SALZBURG At the newly built Stadtwerk areal in a location close to the center, an original Italian ... CAFE & BAR RESTAURANT CLUBS CENTER HOTEL INDUSTRY STORES & HOMES Based on many years of experience in the development of successful gastronomy companies, our concepts are emphatically trend-setting - their implementation solid and professional. Emotions arouse - our philosophy is above all not only to set up rooms, but also to create moods through targeted appeal of all senses in order to touch the guests emotionally - local people are allowed to trigger discussions and polarize, but they can not be boring. In doing so, we attach great importance to market-oriented concepts that particularly support the economy of the local economy. In the following list of some of our projects, we usually act as general contractors, vigorously pursuing the central idea from concept to turnkey handover. This ensures a unique and distinctive atmosphere, from which guest & hosts benefit greatly! Ultimately, functioning and therefore well-attended local are the best advertising media
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Our carpentry at 2700 Wr. Neustadt is now in the third generation and was founded in 1958 by my grandfather Johann Brunflicker in Winzendorf, at the foot of the Hohe Wand. Our focus is on consulting, planning and professional implementation of the wishes of our customers. For decades, we have included private individuals as well as architects, property managers, companies and communities. Your carpentry makes it possible Are you looking for someone to redesign your living space or your kitchen? You would like to open or rebuild a restaurant or you have decided to offer guest rooms? Are you looking for professionals to design your doctor's office, reception room or office? Your old building windows should be renovated or renewed? Then you are right with us - carpentry Brunflicker in Winzendorf 2700 Wr. Neustadt meets you "almost" all wishes. kitchen We offer you tailor-made kitchens that are tailored to your wishes. Whether modern or classic, at your carpentry it is possible. living room living area You always wanted to create a dream of living space? After a detailed initial conversation, we try as far as possible to put your wishes into action! gastronomy Eating out We create a pleasant atmosphere for your customers by creating an extraordinary ambience of wood. shopfitting shopfitting For us as a joinery, it is very important to master every challenge. That's why we look forward to receiving exceptional requests.
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Furnishing for offices, restaurants, hotels in Bavaria Already in previous projects ERGO (Lammhults factory representative) in 1989 with the furnishing of the airport canteens in Munich (table design Prof. Egon Eiermann) and Kaltenbach in 1991 with the interior of the cinema Solln (bar and reception area) turned out that "off-the-shelf solutions" can only represent a bad compromise. The individual specifications and requirements of the customer require regular individual solutions and concepts. Following this realization, extensive cooperation agreements were made with carpenters, architects and the furniture industry to refine standard solutions to suit the customer and implement individual project requirements quickly and flexibly. Through the synergy of different skills and experiences in the team, comprehensive services can be provided from the idea through the concept to the realization. Your advantage: all services tailored from a single source at market prices. Company philosophy and guiding principles Motivation, trust and continuous improvement are the basis for success. We rely on the partnership and long-term successful cooperation with our customers and manufacturers. Quality is when the customers come back and not the products. We behave environmentally, where we can. As our customer, you can focus on what you do best: your core business. Your success is our job. As an object setter in Bavaria, we deliver free house. Inquiries from other countries will also be answered. Contact Schwürzinger Objektinrichtung GmbH . We are ready for you and look forward to seeing you.
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40 YEARS OF SOFA CASA E CONTRACT, CRAFTSMANSHIP AND FLEXIBILITY Domingo Salotti was born in 1973 from a small company of master carpenters and upholsterers, who have been joined by enterprising young people engaged in the search for materials and in the development of products adapted to the new technical and stylistic requirements. The perfect harmony between the two generations currently at the top of the company represents the real key to success and places it among the Italian reference products for sofas and armchairs for the home and contract .THE ABILITY TO MOVE IN THE FURNISHING MARKET AT 360 ° Today the company boasts a production that is so flexible that it meets any requirement in the world furniture market. Armchairs, sofas, poufs, islands and sofa beds, sofas by the meter, upholstered to design and made to measure in a contemporary or classic style, up to the most sought after and exclusive design with the Adrenalina brand , born in 1999 from a far-sighted idea of ​​young forces of Domingo.
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Firmamız 1996 yılından itibaren modern ve fonksiyonel ofis mobilyaları alanında hizmet vermektedir. ArtSan Ofis Mobilyaları, sektörün ihtiyaçlarına hızlı, sağlıklı ve uygun fiyatlarda karşılık vermeyi prensip edinmiştir. Bugün kendi sektörümüzde lider firmalar arasındayken ileride müşterilerimize daha güzeli sunmak daha kapsamlı, daha kaliteli çalışmalara imza atmak ilk hedefimizdir. Müşteri memnuniyeti için her gün daha da büyümek, bünyemize daha fazlasını katmak müşterilerimizi de bizi de mutlu ediyor. Firmamız, kurulduğu yıldan beri temiz, dürüst, azimli çalışanlarıyla kendini kanıtlamış olup kaliteli müşteri potansiyeline sahiptir. Kaliteyi yaşamak ve devam ettirmek için sizin de adresiniz ArtSan Ofis Mobilyaları olsun.

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kssit Grup,Fle 1980 yılından günümüze modüler ofis mobilyaları ve sistemleri alanında hizmet vermektedir. Kurulduğu günden bugüne istikrarlı performansı, entegre üretim anlayışı ve yatırım odaklı yaklaşımları ile sektörün önde gelen kuruluşlarındandır. Dünya pazarında, faaliyetlerini başarı ile sürdüren Flekssit Grup, farklı faaliyet alanlarında üretim yapan şirketleri ile ülke ekonomisine katkı sağlamaya devam etmektedir. 500’ü aşkın uzman kadrosu ile 98.000 m² alanda, ofis koltukları, ahşap, metal mobilyalar ve ofis sistemleri olmak üzere günlük 1700 adet üretim kapasitesine sahiptir. Grup bünyesinde metal, plastikten oluşan kompenantlar ve sünger gibi yarı mamüller de üretilmektedir. Müşteri memnuniyeti sürekliliğini sağlamak amacıyla, ürünlerde ergonomi, tasarım, kalite-fiyat oranı ve ekoloji kavramlarını ön planda tutmaktadır. Flekssit Grup şirketlerine ait, çevre dostu, uluslararası kalite standartlarına uygun ürünler, zengin referans ağı ile 5 kıtada ve yurt genelinde benimsenmiş bir marka olarak tercih edilmektedir.

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