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Welcome to Alpenmöbel® and pure craftsmanship Craftmanship, artistic standards and the very best materials merge in Alpenmöbel ® into products that are second to none . Alpenmöbel ® enrich the world. Today as well as tomorrow ... In a world dominated by mass goods, our craft unfolds unprecedented value: it creates products of enduring quality. Nothing that quickly breaks down to be constantly bought new. Craftsmanship by Alpenmöbel ® saves the regional and flavor variety. A feat that no production line product from the Far East achieves. In the Alpenmöbel ® traditional craftsmanship methods continue to live, cultural developments become visible; It fulfills work again with pride and makes possession of something special. The appearance of each of our designs is protected in shape, pattern and color by the European Union Intellectual Property Office. Do not buy cheap "designs" from imitators - only with your personalized Alpenmöbel® enamel sign, the branding and many small, sometimes hidden details, you will receive a genuine Alpenmöbel® in uncompromising quality. Only with our years of experience, you can be sure that you are not disappointed in the end! Craftsmanship by Alpenmöbel ® gives things their value back!
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The German company helo® - Heckelmann looks back on more than nine decades of successful activity. Whether household goods, advertising material or special items - the family-owned company from the Franconian Waldfenster is a sought-after trading partner all over the world with its high-quality wood products. Quality from the beginning Lorenz Heckelmann founded the company in 1924. In the early years, helo® concentrated on the production of wooden shoes in the domestic business. Gradually, more employees came to the company to meet the growing demand. Step by step, the sons and grandchildren of the founder built the family business in the following generations to a leading production company for household goods made of wood and plastic, which today is headed by Hartwig Heckelmann and his son Philipp. The highest premise has always been high-quality production. helo® offers its partners absolute quality goods with a long service life and high functionality. An important role is increasingly played by the environmental aspect, Strategy and planning Clothespins and promotional items supplement assortment From 1945 on, clothespins have been added to the assortment in a wide variety of variants. In 1954, helo® also started producing plastic staples. Wood products such as wooden spoons and cutting boards established themselves in the sixties in the helo® product range. In the 1970's, the production of wooden spoons began. From 1980, helo® opened a new division with a wide range of promotional items made of wood. A segment that has since grown above average due to the high demand. The articles are here provided with individual branding, printing or laser engraving. Furthermore, special designs are possible. Leading provider helo® is one of the world's largest providers of clothespins. Helo® is also one of the market leaders in the kitchen appliances and wooden plate segment. In addition, helo® has made a name for itself as a producer of high-quality individual items such as wooden boxes and traps. The assortment is rounded off by craft articles and above all by a large selection of advertising material made of wood. Numerous national and international industrial property rights for a wide range of products, such as plates, staples, technical wooden parts, business card boxes, demonstrate the innovative spirit of the company. Production with instinct and state-of-the-art technology With the increasingly diverse segment, the need for larger production facilities grew. The first expansion phase took place in 1948 with the construction of a new hall. Since then, the company premises have been continuously expanded to accommodate the new technology. Because helo® always paid attention to state-of-the-art technology as the basis for high-quality products. Today CNC machines determine the picture in the production plants for the highest precision. In addition, the high-quality craftsmanship with exclusive products continues to play an important role. In addition to the administrative complex, two production halls as well as warehouses and a high-bay warehouse form the core of the company. Wood by conviction The natural material wood forms the basis of most helo® products. helo® attaches great importance to the fact that predominantly wood from sustainable forestry is used to meet current customer requirements. Successful sales in Germany and abroad helo® sells its attractive products through trading partners in Germany and abroad. The export share now amounts to more than one third of the turnover, which was mainly generated by the intensive trade fair participations of helo®. Helo® has been an exhibitor at international trade fairs for over 30 years, eg at the "Give a Days" - Stuttgart, "Haptica" - Bonn and the "PSI" - Dusseldorf. Personal advice on our product range can be obtained by e-mail or via the contact form.
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We produce wooden boxes according to customer request and its concept, from a quantity of 100 pieces you will find in us a competent partner for all your questions around your individual wooden packaging. We put all our know-how of over 90 years into your service. Their ideas are the measure of things.Whether it is about factual purpose packaging or the representative staging of products or brands: Hatzel always finds the right shape and the right materials. Our video gives you a short insight how and with which we work at Hatzel Holzwaren.Our history Since 1924 we produce wooden boxes, cases and caskets made of wood. In the 5th generation, wood packaging is designed and produced at the site in Wiesenfeld near Coburg. We pay attention to high-quality materials, from sustainable resources - these are processed by our trained specialist staff and modern machinery. We invest in the location Germany to stand for delivery reliability, service and quality. From the first idea to the finished implementation, you will find the right partner in us - we advise you on the development and find the perfect solution for your "packaging problem". A wooden box promotes your company for years, because it is not thrown away by the end user. A family business that specializes in the production of high-quality wooden boxes, cases and suitcases. Wooden packaging in its best form!
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We welcome you! In our carpentry we offer you products and services from master hand. The main focus of our joinery are kitchens, built-in cupboards and cabinet systems, interior fittings and individual furniture for both private and commercial customers: practical development, shop and office equipment. We plan from the beginning always together with our customers. We manufacture custom-made furniture and fixtures from our carpentry - we visualize ideas in sketch and drawing so you can imagine what your rooms and furniture look like - while keeping an eye on the costs. In our products, we place the highest value on quality. We only process high quality materials. Wood - solid wood and veneer - but also other materials to beautiful and noble combinations. Form and function combined with good design. The production takes place with most modern technology. What can we do for you?
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The name Isenberg has stood for more than 260 years for innovative craftsmanship with quality and tradition. Founded as a classic joinery company, the company never stepped on the spot. There was a continuous development in line with time and market demand. As a result, in addition to the classic carpentry shop, the development of new business areas, such as the production of bakery equipment, shop and interior design and finally the specialization and focus on goods presentation systems. We attach great importance to continuing our journey, following this innovative tradition, and recognize that only well-educated and qualified people, to whom we offer a family-friendly working environment, make this possible. Today the company is continued in the 9th generation as Wulf Isenberg GmbH & Co KG by Michael Porst and Tobias Rausch. The new generation of entrepreneurs is proud to be able to continue this entrepreneurial success story. Michael Porst was honored as "Exemplary Entrepreneur of the Year 2013". The regional alliance "Career and Family Waldeck-Frankenberg" has the Wulf Isenberg GmbH & Co. KG. also awarded as a particularly family-friendly company
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High-quality wooden cladding Foreco Wood Products has various techniques for making wood more sustainable . In this way we can give the wood a nice appearance for longer and increase the lifespan of the wood and thus achieve different durability classes for wooden cladding depending on the type of wood and treatment. Our products for wooden cladding are NobelWood , WaxedWood and SafeWood . For each product we offer different variants such as wood with a coating, fire retardation or other unique properties so that the product is suitable for the specific application and wishes of the customer.
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I am also a winegrower and until recently I had all the tools (soda, tubs, mill) made of wood in the wine cellar. Like other winegrowers, I replaced the wood with a stainless metal and plastic container, making it easier to handle and maintain cleanliness. All the weathered wooden dishes were in the way, but I was sorry to discard them. A little because of the memories of my father and my youth, a little because of the value of wood. The wood is nicely aged and has a nice patina on the outside as well as on the inside. I thought a lot about how this wood could be processed and made something useful out of it. As I watched the barrels and doggies, I often wondered how many years the tree needed to grow in order to deserve being cut down to the ground and made usable for processing. For the barrels, I also liked the black patina, which is due to the influence of the basement moisture. I liked the color of the dog, which was colored with red and white wine. Such natural shades cannot be conjured with artificial colors. Ideas for making chairs, tables, baskets for wood began to emerge…
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Mediterranean Wood Our goal is to sell your products anywhere in the world. Mediterranean Wood Agency is your best national and international ally to sell your products, your high knowledge of the market, customers and products, make our company your best ally. We search and locate the best products, excellent suppliers and good prices, we have what your company needs.
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DRECHSLEREI STEFAN SPITZ In the heart of the Black Forest, surrounded by idyllic countryside, we always work close to nature. Wood is one of the most important, but for us most natural resources in our environment: we enjoy and manage the forest areas, we build our houses made of wood and heat the cozy tiled stoves in winter - in short: wood is in our everyday life almost everywhere. Preserving and protecting our environment are high goals and the support and development of regional crafts and the local economy are very important to us. That's why we manufacture in the Black Forest region and use high-quality wood from sustainable forestry. WITH QUALITY TO SUCCESS. Every step is carried out as conscientiously as possible, so that the quality is correct and we can offer you the greatest possible benefit and safety. We are always a fair, reliable and honest partner to our employees, colleagues, customers and suppliers. Your satisfaction is our motivation.DATA & FACTS We are a healthy and growing company, based in the sunny high valley of Bernau at over 900 meters above sea level. NN. In our production in the district of Weierle we produce with the greatest care and great experience high-quality handrails made of wood, as well as many other products around the topic of handrail. The absolute leaders are handrails and handrail products made of beech wood. These account for about 50% of the total annual production. The remainder is divided into woods such as oak, maple, ash or spruce. However, other types of wood such as mahogany, walnut, cherry, Douglas fir or larch have always been an integral part of our range of wood.
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Wood products In Maderas Castellar we offer you the best wood products on the market. Our faithful commitment to offer the best to our customers has led us over the years to establish business relationships with the best suppliers in the sector. In this way, we ensure that the material that our customers buy in our wood shop is of exceptional quality. In our wooden stores you can find all kinds of wood products for your home. Among the most common products we offer you can find different models of pallets, both for exterior and interior. On the other hand, we also offer all kinds of elements for the coating and insulation of your home, such as boards, friezes, tongue and groove and polystyrene. In addition, if what you are looking for are elements for the roofing of your home, in Maderas Castellar we offer a wide variety of pergolas, American tegolas and sandwich panels. Each wood product in our store is made of top quality wood. Wood shop Go now to one of our wooden stores to get the best wood products at the best market price. In Maderas Castellar we have available everything you are looking for since we have a large stock of products in our wood warehouses . From common products such as pallets and pergolas, to more specific products such as steps and shower trays, as well as a wide variety of products related to the maintenance and conservation of wood. Contact us and if you do not find what you are looking for in our store, we will inform you of our product catalog at our nearest wood warehouse . In Maderas Castellar we put at your disposal to give you the best service of sale of wood products of the market, with the greatest offer at the best price and with the highest quality standards.
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left_top imgSl1➜92 700 ₴right_top imgSl2➜86 100 ₴salesleft_bottom imgSl3➜115 350 ₴right_bottom imgSl4➜112 050 ₴ left_top imgSl1➜85 200 ₴right_top imgSl2➜129 750 ₴salesleft_bottom imgSl3➜120 900 ₴right_bottom imgSl4➜130 050 ₴ PrevNext Timber houses Our company produces reliable buildings from timber. Watch the video of the assembly of a house from a bar and the video of the assembly of a country house with a veranda We make both the smallest seasonal houses (from 5 m2), and warm houses with an insulated double wall . The material for the installation of the house is pine and profiled with a residual moisture content of not more than 14%. We suggest choosing wall thickness of 28 or 45 mm. For the construction of a warm house, we use a double sheet pile with the laying of insulation between the walls. Our significant experience in the construction of residential cottages has shown that only from quality dried lumber can a wooden house be built without flaws. The advantage of wooden cottages according to our technology: The dimensions of the cottage remain stable with changes in humidity and temperature. There is no factor cracking and drying of wooden buildings. Dry material. They have a small shrinkage, and, as a result, the negative consequences of this phenomenon disappear. Significant savings in finishing (at least 35% of the total construction estimate), as our “hut” is immediately ready to accept the owners. 100% environmental cleanliness, the health of your family and friends. Pine walls do not contain phenol-formaldehyde resins, glue and synthetic components, in contrast to frame houses, sheathed with OSB boards. We have earned good feedback from our customers due to the use of high-quality raw materials and detailed control of the entire production cycle from the procurement and drying of the material to the packaging and transportation of finished houses. Sauna from a bar The bath should be made of wood! A particularly good bath is obtained from a quality prepared timber . If the use of the bath is expected in the winter, then it is desirable, although not necessary, to make it from a double sheet pile board with a layer of insulation inside the structure. In this case, the auxiliary rooms of the bathhouse, such as a relaxation room and a shower room, will be much better able to keep warm in frosty weather. The advantage of such a wooden sauna is the same as that of country houses. Pergolas from a bar Gazebos from tongue-and-groove boards are very advantageous for their simple and quick assembly, because each part is made with high precision, which allows you to assemble the gazebo as a designer. In addition, after chamber drying, the thin parts are lightweight, which makes it possible to assemble the arbor structures with special ease. Commercial buildings made of timber Entrepreneurs were the first to appreciate the advantage of our products for business, because any small architectural form (kiosk, store) made of sheet piling beams will be very profitable from any of its competitors, and besides this, it will also be assembled in a few days. Seasonal houses at recreation centers in the forest, near a river, lake, on the Black Sea coast have long been in stable high demand. Whether it's a roadside cafe, a hunting lodge or a pontoon house - you will always get an excellent result at an affordable cost of the product. If you are going to build a full-fledged warm house, then our technology will surprise you with its indisputable advantages.
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Even at the dawn of history, the tree became a reliable ally of man, being one of the first materials available. No matter what new technologies open up before our civilization, practical, but artificially derived materials cannot give the comfort and charm that a natural tree has. Due to its limited durability and relatively low strength, the tree has recently begun to lose ground. This continued until a stained forest appeared on the scene. A bog wood combined several elements: wood, which spent decades under water, acquired the strength of a stone. Such a tree is not afraid of either cold, moisture, or pests that destroy the forest. Therefore, stained wood does not need additional processing, being the standard of natural, environmentally friendly and breathable material.Nature and our ancestors are the ones who made sure that we had such valuable material. Once a tree was caught in the water due to wind, a landslide, or lost during transportation, over the years it had all the chances to turn into a strong and highly valued stained forest. And it's all about tannins, which, when interacting with the iron salts contained in the water, give the wood strength and durability. As a result, the tree, having received these superpowers, is ready to start a new life. In large rivers, such as the Volga, the forest has been rafted downstream for centuries “under its own power”. In addition, dense oak groves stood along the river. The current washed the shore and the mighty oaks, having lost support, collapsed into the water. Many of them were covered with silt and sprinkled with soil, which allowed the wood to survive to this day.For many years of being at the bottom of ponds, a stained tree goes through an excellent school of survival. Therefore, it is not afraid of either rain or wind - it is highly durable, not afraid of cold and moisture. But the main advantage of the stained forest is environmental friendliness - it is difficult to imagine a more natural material for building a house. In addition, the stained forest is the only tree that does not shrink, which allows the use of housing immediately after completion of construction work.
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